If you’re planning to transition from smoking cigarettes to using a vape, it’s not enough to purchase your first sub-ohm tank at a vape store and jump right into vaping. You must also learn how to maintain your device and keep it in excellent condition to give you an enjoyable vaping experience each time.
An essential part of taking care of your vape is to ensure its coils continue to be reliable and in a good state. A tip you should know by heart, whether you’re a beginner or long-time vape user, is to learn how to prime your vape coils correctly.
Before you test out your vape for the very first time, priming your coils helps enhance your experience and guarantees longer, more flavorful, and better sessions. Keep reading below to learn about priming your vape coils to help you understand how to make your sessions last.

Priming Your Vape Coil
Priming your vape coil is necessary before you begin using your vape. The process involves making sure the coil is soaked with e-liquid to avoid dry hits during your session. Priming is integral when you position your vape coil for the first time or use a new coil.
You can expect your vape device’s wick, which is made from cotton most of the time, to be entirely dry once you purchase a brand new atomiser head. If you wish to make the most out of your sub-ohm tank and consume vapour at high levels, there must be enough e-liquid in the wick.
But when you use your vape with inadequate e-juice, you may end up damaging your device and burning its parts that could permanently impact its use. People using tanks with pre-made coils should never skip priming their coils. Similarly, if you’re utilising rebuildable tank atomisers, don’t forget to prime its coil. 
The correct way to prime a vape coil, such as an OBS Cube Coil, is to soak the wick manually through its opening on top and the windows on its sides before adding e-liquid. Afterwards, leave your tank that way for a reasonable amount of time before you start vaping.

Importance of Priming Your Vape Coil
If you want to guarantee to use a high-performing vape with a long lifespan, you should avoid skipping priming your coils. Besides, no one wants to experience a dry hit every time they use their vape because it’s an unpleasant experience that involves a burning feeling in your throat.
Failing to prime your coil will result in your e-liquid burning too much that your vape’s wick becomes scorched. Not only do you miss having an enjoyable experience vaping because you can’t taste the flavour of your e-juice anymore, but you also have to purchase a new wick.
Burning your wick happens most to users who own vape mods with pre-made coils. If you’re a beginner, you will likely end up getting rid of your entire atomiser head and settle for a new one. It becomes a waste of money, especially if you recently purchased your device from an online vape shop.

The best thing to do to guarantee you have a fantastic vaping experience is to take a step back and find out how to prime your coil right. That way, you won’t encounter accidents, such as burning your wick and requiring a new one to salvage your device. Priming your coil is easy and necessary to avoid dry hits, so long as you don’t forget to do it every time you install a new coil.