Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Starter Kit

If you’re here, it is because you either want to start vaping for the first time, or because you’re ready to graduate from an all-in-one closed vaping setup to something that’s a little more advanced and customizable. Choosing the right starter kit is key if you want to satisfy your needs on your terms. In fact, the unique components of your starter kit can make or break your vaping experience in general.
Today’s world of vaping hardware can be pretty overwhelming.We have created this guide to walk you through the process of building your own starter kit. This way, you can be certain that your new setup will satisfy those vaping needs.

What’s a Starter Kit?
First, let’s briefly explain what a starter kit is for those who are unfamiliar with the term. Essentially, a starter kit is a complete setup.  On the vape hardware market, you’ll find complete starter kits as well as a wide selection of individual hardware pieces.  At the very basic level, a starter kit consists of a mod, an atomizer/tank, a coil and a battery. The e-liquid you choose is what makes everything come together.

If You Wanna Vape Freebase E-Liquids
Freebase e-liquids were around long before nicotine salts were discovered, and although salt-based nic has become incredibly popular, many vapers still find that they prefer the freebase variation.  Freebase nicotine is not as potent as its salt-derived counterpart, but e-juices containing freebase are more conducive to cloud-chasing, an activity that involves blowing out massive, thick clouds of vapor with every exhale.
If you’re the type of user who wants to enjoy huge hits, a sub-ohm starter kit is for you. While you can find many sub-ohm starter kits on the market today, we are gonna break down the components in case you’d like to put together your own using the hardware that is out there today.

The first thing that you’ll need is a mod.  For sub-ohm vaping, there are basically two types of mods from which you can choose.
·Type 1: Box Mod: The more conventional choice because it has the output capabilities required for large fog production. See, the higher the wattage of a device, the larger the clouds.  And, box mods are robust enough to allow for extremely high wattage levels.
·Type 2: Pen-Style Mod: As the name suggests, it simply looks like a thick pen. These mods are more portable and user-friendly, but they’re not as powerful as box mods.
Choose your mod wisely.  Today’s mods come with a wide range of features and specs, so make sure that you select one that meets your needs.

While some of the more recent sub-ohm mod models utilize built-in batteries, the majority still take lithium-ion batteries that must be purchased separately. Typically, a box mod will take two 18650 batteries, while a pen mod will only take one.  Also, be aware that some sub-ohm mods perform better with 20500 or 21700 batteries, so make sure to read the description from the manufacturer.
It’s crucial that you select batteries from a trusted manufacturer.  Those batteries must be high in quality and very powerful in order to meet the demands of your device.

Sub-Ohm Tank
Now, let’s talk about tanks.  A sub-ohm setup requires a sub-ohm tank, which is a cylindrical tank that has a large center compartment for a coil.  Sub-ohm tanks have relatively large e-liquid capacities because each hit utilizes a lot of juice.
Look for a sub-ohm tank that utilizes Pyrex glass as this is resistant to the high heat that your coil produces.  And, always go with a trusted manufacturer.  Most sub-ohm vapers prefer to use a sub-ohm tank that can fit at least 5mL of juice so that they don’t have to refill it as frequently.

Sub-Ohm Coils
If you’re gonna use a sub-ohm starter kit, sub-ohm coils are key.  Every coil has a unique resistance level which directly relates to the wattage level of a device.  The higher the wattage, the lower the coil’s resistance level must be, which is why sub-ohm systems utilize coils that have resistance levels below 1ohm.
Most sub-ohm tanks come with sub-ohm coils that are made by the same manufacturer.  We strongly recommend purchasing the coils that were made to be compatible with the tank that you’re using.

Freebase E-Juice
The last thing that you’ll need, of course, is freebase e-juice.  You can choose any that you’d like. 

If You Wanna Vape Nicotine Salt E-Liquids
Now, sub-ohm starter kits remain extremely popular, but a lot of users out there would like to have a stronger nicotine experience and are less concerned with cloud-chasing. Salt-based nicotine e-liquids allow the user to get a strong dose of nicotine with each hit.  This type of e-juice is only compatible with a pod mod starter kit, which is a small, low-wattage vaping system that’s extremely simple in terms of its design and technology.

Open Pod System
Putting together a pod starter kit is much simpler than putting together a sub-ohm starter kit because of the fact that pod systems are just simpler systems.  On the market, you’ll find a massive variety of pod starter kits that are ready to use right out of the box.  You’ll want to purchase what’s known as an open pod system, which utilizes a refillable pod cartridge.  Because the pod cartridge is refillable, you can enjoy any salt nic e-liquid that’s on the market today.
Open pod systemsconsist of two basic components: a pod mod which contains the built-in battery, and a cartridge that has a coil built into it. In other words, these are pretty minimalistic setups.
There are many different open pod starter kits out there today, and they vary in terms of features, design and size.  Look through what’s available and take note of what appeals to you and what doesn’t. For instance, some vapers want the simplest, most user-friendly starter kit available, while others believe that the wider the selection of features, the better.
Because of the nature of pod systems, we don’t recommend trying to put together a pod system starter kit from various parts of hardware made by different manufacturers. Basically, most pod mods are only compatible with the cartridges that were made by the same manufacturer.

Salt-Based Nicotine E-Juice
Lastly, you’ll need some salt-based e-juice. Salt nicotine is more efficient and less harsh to vape.  Mad Hatter Juice offers an enormous and diverse selection of high-quality, 30ml nic salt juices that have a balanced VG/PG (contains nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol).  This ratio allows you to get the ideal throat hit and flavor experience.  Available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine concentration levels. Take note that salt nic e-liquids are NOT compatible with sub-ohm or any other high-powered devices.

Making Things Vaping Easier for You!
With tons of vape hardware out there these days, it can be pretty difficult to zero in on the ideal starter kit that meets your vape preferences.  This guide should help narrow things down, so that when the time comes to start shopping, you’ll know exactly what to grab.  Whether you’re a vaper who craves potent salt-based nicotine or someone who wants to be able to create impressively sized clouds, feel confident in putting together that perfect starter kit.