The SMOK Alien is one of the most powerful and most popular advanced vaporizers on the market today. Of course, to truly appreciate the greatness of this device, you have to have the right mod batteries in place. Otherwise, your device might be suffering from insufficient power to pull off all the wildest abilities it was built for. So what are the best batteries for the SMOK’s Alien mod?

What Batteries are Required for the SMOK Alien?
First up, we have to look at what is recommended by SMOK for your new Alien mod. You will notice that it requires two 18650 batteries. You will also notice that the company does not specify what type of 18650’s you need, so you will have to do some research into what you’re getting. In general, you will be looking for a 20-30A battery that has at least 2500-3000 mAh rating for both powerful draws and long life.

Which Battery Brands Do You Recommend?
Before we can begin choosing batteries for your new SMOK Alien, you first have to get familiar with the major battery brands. The three big names in 18650 batteries are LG, Sony, and Samsung. All three of these companies are original manufacturers of these batteries and can be trusted to accurately represent their battery stats. It is imperative that you stick with a trusted brand and do plenty of research because recent studies have found that some off-brands like AWT are re-wrapping batteries that did not pass quality control and using fake stats to make them look more impressive. These batteries may be unsafe to use. The highest rated 18650s currently available are 30A, so if you see a 18650 listed as 40A or more, it is a red flag.

Choosing the Best Battery for SMOK Aliens
Now that you’ve narrowed down the brands, it’s time to select which battery you really want. By and large, it seems that most Alien users are fans of Samsung’s 25Rs. These are a good midrange battery for daily vaping while maximizing range. Samsung’s 30Q is another dependable battery that has a large fanbase. If you prefer the Sony name, the VTC5 is the way to go. And LG’s HG2 is another favorite. All of these batteries are pretty close in performance and lifespan, as well as price. You really can’t go wrong with any of these batteries in your device.