Box mods and vape pens are the world’s most popular devices when it comes to vaping e-juice and cannabis concentrates. Everyone wants to puff on those big, heavy clouds, though not all know how it’s done or what device to use. This article will go into detail on what devices are suitable for producing those very large vapor clouds.

Vape Pens
When it comes to vaping, vape pens are some of the most convenient and stealthy options for getting in a very good vape session. The problem is, if you are looking for those massive kush clouds to go with it, you might be slightly disappointed. The truth is that vape pens do produce some considerable amounts of vapor, but nothing like a box mod can.

Some of the better known vape pen models out there include the SteamCloud EVOD, Titan 1 and Titan 2, and the AGO. Each of these comes with their individual benefits and will undoubtedly provide you with very good vape sessions. If stealth and convenience is your main concern, then any one of these vape pens will do the trick.

If large vape clouds are really what you are after, then you will want to opt for something a little stronger. Vape pens that only utilize dry herbs will produce scant amounts of light, wispy vapor that, while good, is incomparable to what a box mod can produce. What vape pens lack in vapor production they make up for with versatility and convenience, as most of these can switch between vaping modalities to accommodate more than just one type of vape session.

Box Mods
The world of box mods boasts some of the most sought after and reliable models on the market today. A model like the SteamCloud Box Mod may be all that you need to puff out those legendary clouds of vapor. Unlike vape pens, box mods are also shaped much differently which allows them to be more durable and robust on delicate surfaces such as a table. Where a vape pen can get knocked and roll off, box mods are heavier and will usually stay put.

The caveat here is that with a great vaping device comes a bit of a learning curve to be able to fully take advantage of what a box mod has to offer. Terms such as variable voltage, ohm, and wattage will be terms you will quickly have to familiarize yourself with if you want to be able to understand how your vape functions to use it properly.

With box mods there is no trying when it comes to cloud production. Another thing that can influence vapor thickness is temperature, battery life, and even the quality of the material itself. Vape pens require a little bit more if they are to rival what a box mod can do. In fact, there are some vape pens out there that can almost compete with the vapor production of a box mod.

How to get Large Clouds from a Vape Pen
Most users who come to own a vaporizer will expect it to heat up material to a point below the combustion threshold. The truth is that if you want clouds, you can choose between either vapor or smoke. The best of both worlds can be met with a simple vaping device such as the AGO. This vape can smoke a bowl without the use of a lighter and can be converted into a convection vape pen with addition of a simple glass screen.

The only thing thicker than vapor, is smoke! If you are going to try your hand at vaping for the first time, or if you happen to be a smoker, then a vape pen like this will be able to produce those fat clouds you are looking for without the butane. If you want to simply vape with a vape pen and still get those big clouds, then you might consider another model.

Meet the SteamCloud EVOD, a vape pen capable of switching between oil concentrates, wax, and even dry herbs. This type of vape pen will rival box mods on every front, since box mods can also utilize these same modalities. If you want a slimline version of what a box mod can do, then this will be your best bet.

Why Box Mods are Superior
Even though there are vape pens out there that can almost do what a box mod can do, nothing beats the ergonomic design that snugly fits into the palm of your hand and is able to withstand the occasional bump or knock from a table. While some box mods can only utilize one modality, the best ones can utilize all of them!

It should also be noted that if you really want to puff on clouds, then you will need to get a hold of some e-juice. Whether you use a box mod or a vape pen, make sure you get a device that can accommodate e-juice. A VG blend or just straight VG juice will be what you want if you are looking to puff on some thick clouds.

No other type of vape juice can rival clouds from a VG blend. In fact, e-juice is really the only thing you can vape if you just want some thick clouds. Wax and oils can give off some hefty clouds too, though stacked against some VG juice, there will be no competition. Box mods are better with these types of substances since they offer more control to the user in the form of variable voltage and wattage settings.

Final Thoughts
Puffing on fat clouds can either be through smoking, in which you can use dry herbs and get thick clouds, or through vaping with a box mod for those thick clouds of vapor. Either one will ultimately be a matter of choice and personal preference. Those who want to compete and puff out those massive clouds of vapor will go for a box mod.

Those who want fat clouds without the competitive edge can opt for a vape pen, while those who want the best of both worlds can seek out a 3-in-1 vape. Dry herb vapes will not produce thick clouds, though this can be a better option for those just starting out.

Vape pens and box mods comprise most vaping devices on the market because people want to be mobile and carry something portable. Box mods are the most popular. Vape pens are a great option, but box mods will always produce bigger clouds overall.