Not all vapes are made the same. This in turn will always produce different outputs of vapor production. Some vapes are made for flavor, while others are made to produce huge amounts of vapor for the sake of doing so. In this article we will be looking at different types of vapes and what you can expect in terms of vapor production.

Dry Herb Vapes
Of all the portable vape options out there, dry herb vapes offer the least amount of vapor production. The light and wispy vapor produced by these is potent enough to provide a decent vape session, though is not preferred by those who prefer a much heavier vapor. This is since dry herbs are not concentrated and are filled with terpenes and flavonoids that are not stable enough to accumulate into a solid vapor.

Dry herb vapes can come in the form of everything from desktop vapes and vape pens to box mods that can utilize dry herbs. Vapes such as the E-CLIPSE, Titan 1 and Titan 2 are perfect examples of vape pens that will give you a good session but provide you with minimal vapor compared to other types of units.

Nonetheless, dry herb vapes remain some of the most popular types of vape pens. Perfect for beginners and medical patients alike, dry herb vapes offer the most flavor since they use dry herbs in their raw form instead of being concentrated to maximize vapor production. Compared to other vapes, dry herb vapes give the user more control over their heating temperature preferences as well.

Wax Vapes
While still light on the vapor production, wax vapes produce much thicker clouds than dry herb vapes and are likened to what a dab rig can produce, but not as thick. While dab rigs can give you a thicker hit, they are not mobile, and this is what gives wax vapes their appeal. Capable of vaping all manner of wax concentrates, these types of vape pens utilize variable voltage and wattage settings, perfect for dialing in the perfect temperatures.

The difference here is that while you have variable heat settings, they are not as detailed as what you get with a dry herb vape readout. Wax vapes usually have preset heat settings that can be manually dialed in while others simply offer you the convenience of just pushing a button and vaping. The SteamCloud EVOD is a perfect example.

The only exception to having an electronic device producing huge hits the way a dab rig would is in having a device such as the G Pen Connect E-Nail. With a dab rig setup, this e-nail works the same way a traditional e-nail would, but without the external hardware of lighting up your nail. The G Pen Connect does all the work and produces some rather nice hits.

Oil Concentrates
Vape pens that can utilize oil concentrates can also use e-juice as an alternative. Since both have very similar consistencies and viscosities, they are perfect for oil pens such as the SteamCloud EVOD. Oil produces a considerable amount of vapor and is much thicker than vapor from a dry herb unit.

Without a doubt, vape pens are among the easiest and most convenient types of vapes to use. This is because oil vapes usually come with a streamlined function of just pushing a button and vaping instead of dialing in certain heating variables. While dry herb vapes can be perfect for beginners, oil pens can also be ideal for those who are new to vaping.

The only caveat here is that since oil vapes will give you a stronger and thicker hit, care must be taken not to overdo it. The simplicity of using an oil vape will usually outweigh any cons one may encounter in terms of how thick vapor is compared to a dry herb vaporizer. Oil vapes remain one of the most preferred and popular vaping modalities on the market today.

Box Mods
Of all the vaping units out there, box mods produce the biggest and thickest types of vapor clouds. The trick here is that those clouds are mostly comprised of e-juice vapor. While similar to oil concentrates, e-juice is specifically made to be vaped in order to produce thick, massive clouds. The SteamCloud Box Mod remains one of the most recognized and reliable units capable of delivering those enormous vapor hits.

No other type of vape comes close to providing the user with hits that are incredibly thick. The trade-off here is that box mods take a bit of a learning curve to fully understand and customize. Combination 3-in-1 vapes that can accommodate all vaping modalities are the most popular types of box mods. It should be noted that not all box mods can utilize all vaping modalities, however.

This makes them efficient, reliable, convenient, and flexible. Aside from producing massive vapors, box mods are also great because unlike vape pens that are rounded on all sides, box mods are usually flat on both sides and are less likely to roll off a table after being inadvertently knocked into. Without a doubt, box mods are much better at producing huge clouds and providing the user with more versatility than any other type of vape.

Final Thoughts
Portable vapes have become more popular than smoking and more popular than desktop vapes. This is mainly due to their portability and capabilities in producing thick ass vapors. While not all vapes can produce those monstrous hits, the fact that they remain portable is what gives them their credibility.

While it would be nice to have a truly portable dab rig that fits in your pocket and is convenient to carry around, the truth is that this would be far from practical. If you want to get very big hits off a portable vape, then a box mod would be the way to go. If you want more flavor than anything, invest in a dry herb vape.

Those who are somewhere in between would do well with either a wax or an oil pen, while the best option would be one that can switch between all modalities at any given time. No matter what you choose, always make sure you get to know the vape fully if you want to get the biggest hits possible.