Why Similar Nicotine Strengths Can Feel So Different

What Can Make Identical Nicotine Strengths Seem Different?
Now, let’s talk about why your e juice nicotine strength can seem to affect you differently depending on specific circumstances.

Nicotine Salt vs. Freebase Nicotine
Up until a couple of years ago, all vape juice products contained freebase nicotine, which is also known as regular nicotine. All sub-ohm e-liquids, electronic cigarettes and so on utilized this kind of nicotine, which is a chemically modified nicotine compound designed to be more potent. It was originally created for tobacco cigarettes. Freebase nicotine tends to have a harsher taste when used in a sub-ohm vaping system, so users often opt for lower nicotine levels when using this type of setup. Lower nicotine levels, of course, can mean less satisfaction for anyone who craves high nicotine.
Then, there are nic salts, also known as nicotine salts. This type of nicotine is blended with benzoic acid, which allows each hit to provide a nicotine buzz without the harshness. Because it’s more potent than freebase nicotine, it tends to satisfy nicotine cravings more efficiently.
But, each type of nicotine absorbs into the body in a different way. So, say, a 50mg salt nic strength will feel far different from a 50mg freebase nic strength.

How Recently You Stopped Smoking Cigarettes
If you’ve only just quit smoking, you may find that your strength nicotine level seems to feel different throughout the day. This is because your body is adjusting to not taking in real tobacco, and so your ability to feel satisfied with vaping may be unstable for a week or so.

Whether You’re Using an E Cigarette or a Sub Ohm Starter Kit
Using a sub-ohm tank vaping system as opposed to an e-cigarette can have a lot to do with how that nicotine feels, and that’s because sub ohm kits are high-power devices. They produce a lot more vapor output, but they tend to water down the nicotine sensation.

If You’re Chain Vaping
If you’re chain vaping, your body may feel slightly ill even though you’re vaping the same liquid strength that you always do. Those who chain vape tend to opt for medium nicotine strengths, or even zero nicotine strengths, for this reason.

Whether or Not You’re Vaping a Tobacco Flavor
A tobacco-flavored e-liquid can trick your mind into thinking that you’re smoking a real cigarette, because your senses perceive the taste of real tobacco, and make the connection. If you switch to a different flavor, you may think that you’re getting less nicotine, but the truth is that your senses just aren’t telling your brain that you’re smoking a real tobacco cigarette.

Time of Day
If you’re the type of vaper with an oral fixation, you probably hit your mod at all hours of the day. But, know that first thing in the morning, that nicotine will feel more potent than usual, because your body hasn’t had any nicotine in hours. And, late at night, your body is so adjusted to maintaining a certain nicotine level that you may feel you’re vaping a zero nicotine juice.

Ratio of Your Vape Juice
Whether you’re vaping nicotine salt or freebase nicotine juices, every e-liquid has a ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin. It seems that vape juices with higher vegetable glycerin levels can take the edge off of the nicotine.

Your Device’s Settings
Lastly, your device’s settings can change that hit of liquid nicotine. Vape juice nicotine levels don’t change when you adjust your settings, but the way in which your body absorbs the nicotine can. Higher wattage levels can make the nicotine feel far more intense and can give you a much stronger throat hit. Lower wattage levels can give you a smoother and more subtle nicotine experience due to the way in which the nicotine compounds are heated.

Bottom Line... Not Everything Really is the Same
Vaping is an excellent nicotine cessation method for anyone who wants to stop their cigarette smoking habit. But, as we all know, the key is finding the right nicotine strength. While several factors can alter the way in which your ejuice nicotine level affects you, regardless of whether you’re vaping nicotine salt or regular nicotine, as long as you stick with the nicotine concentration that brings you the most satisfaction, you’re good to go.