4 Steps For Safe Vaping

Vaping has been around for well over a decade, with more and more people using it as a means for quitting smoking every week. Vape juices contain various amounts of vape juice and vapers can scale all the way down to 0mg (Yes, non-nicotine vape juice exists). Yet, there’s one question that few people seem to be able to answer with certainty, which is: is vaping safe? 

4 best practices for a safer vaping experience
We’re here to answer that question definitively. However, if you’ve been vaping for a while, you probably already know the answer, as does most of the vaping community. So, rather than listening to clickbait headlines and misinformed people on social media, study the facts right here.

1) Using the Right Hardware is Crucial
The first thing that you need to do in order to vape safely is to invest in proper hardware. Vaping is a huge market right now, which means that the quality of hardware products varies from brand to brand. The lower the quality of a product, the less likely it is to be safe. 
Luckily, there are lots of hardware manufacturers out there with strong reputations for making quality, reliable and safe products. It’s easy to find out who these brands are and to choose them when picking out hardware for your setup. One thing to always look for is safety features that are built into the hardware. 
If you're unsure of what to choose, opt for a vape starter kit from trusted brands.
Also, you must know how to choose the right hardware pieces to put together your setup. As you may know, not all mods go with all atomizers, and so on. Using incompatible hardware pieces will result in a less safe vaping setup.

2) Source Your E-Liquids Carefully
Another safety factor is your e-liquids. Again, the vape juice market is massive and diverse, and not all companies hold themselves to the same standards of quality. Some companies, especially bootleg companies, may use cheap filler ingredients to bring manufacturing costs down, at the potential risk of your safety and health. This is why knowing how to choose your e-liquid brands is extremely important. Do some research and figure out which brands have reputations for creating quality, safe e-juice products. And, never hesitate to call a company and ask them what ingredients they use if you’re legitimately concerned.
Bear in mind that you should never buy e-liquid from a sketchy source. It’s always best to purchase your e-liquids from legitimate vape shops and online vape retailers. Read reviews of businesses in order to ensure that they sell quality products before you spend your money.

3) Choose the Right Nicotine Strength and Nicotine Type
Next, let’s talk about nicotine. In theory, nicotine is widely considered safe. After all, most of us consume it daily in the form of e-liquids with no adverse effects. However, as you know, nicotine is a relatively potent substance, which is why going about consuming nicotine in the wrong way can lead to problems.
The first thing that you must do is decide which kind of nicotine you wish to use. There are two types: freebase nic and salt-based nic. Salt-based nic, also known as salt nic or nicotine salts, is more potent than freebase nic, and more like the kind of nicotine that’s in cigarettes. This extra potency means that you must not overdo it, or else you may feel unwell due to nicotine’s effects on the nervous system.
Additionally, you must choose your nicotine strength wisely. If you’re not someone who previously smoked a lot of cigarettes in one day, don’t go with a super high nicotine strength. Again, this can leave you feeling unwell.

4) Understand the Technology Behind Vaping
Lastly, it’s crucial that you have at least a basic idea of the technology behind vaping. Vaping systems, like all technology, function according to how well you maintain them and use them. Any battery-operated device can be unsafe if it’s mishandled, and this applies to your vaping setup as well.
First, gain a basic understanding of vape batteries. Using the wrong batteries with your device can, in fact, be unsafe. Additionally, you must learn the importance of the relationship between your coils and your device’s output settings. Your coil’s resistance level must be chosen based on your device’s output settings because otherwise, it could cause device malfunctions.
Next, you must understand how to maintain your hardware. Hardware that’s not taken care of can be unsafe, and that’s not the manufacturer's fault. For instance, if you allow your device to sit out in the heat for too long, it can cause serious issues. Additionally, not cleaning your device properly can cause the technological mechanisms to overwork, leading to dangerous overheating.

Vaping Overall Can Be Perfectly Safe…
As long as you go about it in the right way. Part of being a vaper is knowing how to make the right choices in order to ensure a safe and functional setup. Use this guide in case you’re worried that you’re not practicing maximum vaping safety.