Box mod vapes are notorious for their ability to produce monstrous vapor clouds that rival that of smoke. Sometimes box mods can inadvertently blunder to produce subpar or even tiny hits reminiscent of a dry herb vape. In this article we will investigate why box mods can end up giving less than premium hits.

Box Mod Basics
If you have not yet come to find out what a box mod really is about, then just try hitting one and you will see why they are so popular. Box mods give users some of the biggest hits of any other type of vaporizer, whether portable or desktop. In fact, it can be argued that only box mods can produce those types of massive hits.

Box mod vapes are essentially portable vaporizers that are ergonomically designed to fit inside the palm of your hand. They are flat on both sides and come in a variety of sizes. All box mods are capable of vaping e-liquid, was or dry herbs; it is all about the vape tank you attach to the mod. There are many, like the SteamCloud Box Mod, that can be equipped with various atomizer capabilities that allow them to vape between any type of modality.

A flat design gives box mods an edge over other vapes that are rounded on all sides, as box mods are slightly heavier and will not roll off a table. Variable voltage settings and a slim profile allow for tailored vape sessions that are stealthy and efficient. Compared to other vapes on the market, box mods are without a doubt, the most popular type of portable vape.

Some Common Causes of Small Hits
Certain issues within a vape tank can be known as leaking, popping, and spitting. These types of problems will almost certainly lead to getting small hits unless the issues are addressed. It goes without saying that if you spill your e-juice all over the place, then the tank has less to vape and will therefore produce much smaller hits. But what about other issues unrelated to the tank?

The truth is that most issues are directly attributed to the tank. Leakage is another common problem. Leakage occurs when material seeps through to the airflow system without getting vaped. This can cause subpar hits and underwhelming vape sessions. No tank is 100% leak-proof, unfortunately.

Spitting and popping is another issue that occurs when hot e-liquid shoots out, sometimes into your mouth while making a distinct popping sound. Very uncomfortable! This happens when e-juice gets pooled into the coil without getting vaped. As you can see, these are the most common causes of box mods releasing small amounts of vapor.

How to Prevent these Issues
When it comes to leakage, always check your seals. While this may sound obvious, it can be an easy mistake. Just make sure the threads are synced up and tightly screwed on. Removing e-juice from the chimney of the tank will also help to prevent leakage. Keeping your tank upright and checking for worn out or damaged O-rings will ensure that you won’t have any leakage problems.

Other problems to look out for are cracks, overfilling, and making sure your coil heads are in check. To prevent spitting and pooping, it is important to reduce your airflow and not over-prime your coil. Using the right type of e-juice, usually a thicker one, can also help to mitigate these issues. Pulsing the fire button and turning up the power can also help to prevent spitting and popping.

Always avoid third-party “exotic” coils and make sure your chimney is clean. Since most box mods utilize the universal 510 threading, having a 510-drip tip that has an anti-spit back feature is always worth checking out. They are usually longer and have a bend in them to prevent the issue from occurring. Conversely, you could also try fitting a screen on the bottom of the drip tip.

Other Issues to Consider
If you find that your box mod is producing small hits after addressing all these issues, then it is possible that you simply have a faulty device with an unidentifiable malfunction somewhere in the unit. It could be caused by a poor design or a specific component. While there can be a whole host of reasons why your vape can act up, preventing them is easy and avoidable.

The first thing you might want to try is simply changing out your tank to see if this fixes the issue of giving small hits. If the vape mod is also leaking out small amounts of vapor, this could be caused by an electric issue that is inadvertently firing your box mod at the wrong times. This can go unnoticed to a point where you mysteriously come to find that your tank has been emptying without a crack or a leak.

As vapor leaks out, your vape tank uses up your e-juice and the result are that you have less material in your tank. Fortunately, the issue can be as simple as something pressing the power button. This is more common inside pockets and purses that house additional items along with your box mod. If you can help it, try carrying your box mod alone or in a separate pocket to see if this fixes the issue.

Final Thoughts
Box mods are the most popular type of portable vapes, and because more people use them, more issues are likely to be reported. The truth is that most of this can be boiled down to user error. Box mods that release small amounts of vapor are a rather uncommon occurrence, though the issues of leakage and spit back are more common.

Naturally, if you have leakage or spit back, you will not vape and then complain how you have less vape-juice to use as this would be self-evident. The reason why box mods can sometimes produce small amounts of vapor can be caused by simple very simple and avoidable reasons. Always try to address the issue of having your box mod stored in your pocket with other items.

If you still find you have problems with your box mod vape after replacing the tank, then it is possible you will need to replace the entire unit mod, or look for a different model. If you still find the same issue with a different box mod, then it is more than likely the issue is being caused by user error.