Vape mods have become one of the most preferred ways of enjoying a vape session to ever hit the market. Vape users are becoming accustomed to these mods for the control they provide, for their simplicity, durability, reliability, and aesthetic value that box mod vapes have come to be known for. Here we will be taking a closer look at the benefits of vape mods.

What is a Vape Mod?
Aka Box Mods, vape mods are basically a large vape battery with controls that allow you to modify the mod with all sorts of vape tank attachments. Modifications can be done to a whole host of features on a vape, such as the casing for the batteries, atomizer, variable voltage modifications, and wattage. Mods such as these are designed to enhance the functionality of the vape.

The truth is that vape mods are not really for beginners. In fact, it is highly advisable that modifications to the vape should not be undertaken unless you have an advanced knowledge of the vape coupled with experience with vape modifications. Without these, you could inadvertently end up ruining a vape or making it inoperable altogether.

A basic knowledge of math and electricity would be a necessary starting point in order to competently alter any vape. If you have this knowledge, then you can have one of the most customizable vape sessions possible with the vape that you have. Vape mods can personally tailor your vaping experience if you have the know-how.

Different Types of Vape Mods
There are many different types of vape mods to personalize your vaping experience. Some of the most basic mods deal with wattage and voltage. Variable wattage mods deliver a specific amount of voltage by reading the resistance of the atomizer. With this type of mod, you need to be very aware of the resistance of your atomizer.

Variable voltage mods are similar and allow the user to adjust the voltage of the mod. Much safer than other types of mods, the safety features in a variable voltage mod prevent the battery from short circuiting or overcharging. Variable voltage mods offer more variety for flavor profiles and vapor production than others with a fixed voltage battery.

Mechanical mods on the other hand are not as safe as variable voltage mods but are the most basic. Altering the battery casing is the most common mod, but can be one of the most dangerous, especially for inexperienced users. One must have a fundamental understanding of resistance, voltage, and electricity to prevent from getting injured from this type of mod. Always remember that these types of mods are considered unregulated because they do not have any safety features!

The Benefits of Vape Mods
Other than customizing your vape experience, vape mods create more powerful vapes and have a much longer battery life compared to traditional off-the-shelf vapes. One of the biggest benefits to a vape mod in the pronounced increase in vapor production. The only other requirement to customizing a vape is being able to tinker with the vape without ruining it.

The more control you want over vape, the more knowledge you will need to customize it to your liking. Even if you were to take it to someone who could do the modifications for you, understanding how to properly operate the mods would still be a concern. Whether you want to vaporize e-liquids or cannabis extracts, vape mods will allow you to fully make the most out of your vaping experience.

It should be noted that most vape mods are done to vapes that utilize e-liquids and concentrates versus dry herb vapes. This is because dry herb vapes are very limited and straightforward in their functionality. Altering the mechanics of a dry herb vape could result in combusting your material instead of allowing the vape to gently heat it up. Therefore, you seldom have any mods done to a dry herb vaporizer.

The Types of Vapes to Modify
As previously mentioned, vape mods are mostly done on box mods and vape pens that do not utilize dry herbs. Vapes such as the SteamCloud Box Mod are a prime example of a box mod that has the potential to be successfully modified. Other vapes like the E-CLIPSE are not good candidates for modification.

Dry herb vapes are designed to heat up in a linear fashion and do not require any adjustments to wattage or temperature gauges. A stronger battery might be the only practical modification if you wanted a vape to last longer. Being as how most dry herbs vapes come with powerful batteries already, modifying this could potentially kill your vape pen or even result in combusted material.

Only stick to 3-in-1 vapes and vape pens that can be modified for their battery and electrical outputs. Because vape mods require such an advanced knowledge of specific subjects, we will attempt to compile a short list of the “dos and do nots” of vape modification for the most common type of vape mod, the mechanical vape mod.

For Mechanical Vape Mods
If durability, low maintenance, and extremely low resistance vaping suits your style, then mechanical vape mods are for you. If you are looking to regulate voltage, readouts, or integrate circuit protection, then mechanical vape mods may not be your thing. If you are a mechanical vape mod user, then always keep these in mind:

·Do not accidentally fire your vape mod
·Never overcharge the battery
·Never invert the battery
·Never stack batteries
·Never use the battery unless it is fully discharged
·Only use protected batteries
·Always use vent holes on your mechanical vape mod
·Always check regularly for short circuits and atomizer resistance

If you can adhere to these simple rules, then mechanical vape mods should be a total breeze. It should be mentioned again that you should never attempt to modify your vape mechanically for any reason unless you possess the knowledge of wattage alteration, voltage variables, and electrical resistance. Failure to heed these warnings could result in serious injury.