Why Is My Aspire Coil Gurgling?

Aspire coils are famous throughout the vaping industry for their superb flavor and exceptional durability. Even the best vaping coil can sometimes produce an undesirable experience, though, and we’re going to talk about one of the most common vape coil problems in this article. Is your Aspire coil gurgling? Does your tank sometimes leak out the bottom or spit e-liquid into your mouth? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s learn how to fix the problem and get you back to having the type of vaping experience that Aspire is famous for providing.

Why Would an Aspire Vape Coil Gurgle?
An Aspire vape coil gurgles because excess e-liquid is trapped somewhere in the vapor path – most commonly within the coil assembly or in the air tube leading from the coil to the mouthpiece. In addition to hearing a gurgling noise when you vape, you’ll find that your tank’s vapor production suffers because the airflow is poor. You may get e-liquid in your mouth. If you blow gently through the mouthpiece, e-liquid might come out of the tank’s bottom air vents.
Let’s discuss some of the most common fixes for a gurgling Aspire coil.

Coil Not Seated Properly
An Aspire vape tank is a complex piece of equipment that’s designed to keep e-liquid in its place until you’re ready to use it. The only things keeping the e-liquid from leaking out are tight threading and silicone gaskets. If any part of the tank is cross-threaded, the gaskets won’t line up properly. E-liquid will seep into the coil assembly, and the tank will gurgle. Disassemble and carefully reassemble your tank to ensure that everything lines up properly.

E-Liquid Trapped in the Center Air Tube
Some Aspire tanks do not have separate filling ports. If your tank has that type of design, you need to remove the tank’s entire top or bottom hardware for refilling. If you make an error during the filling process, you’ll end up with e-liquid in the center air tube rather than the main reservoir. If that happens, you can clear the e-liquid out by blowing gently through the tank’s mouthpiece or by running a paper towel or cotton swab down the center of the tank.

Inhaling Too Firmly
When you use a vape pen with a small tank, the temptation is to puff firmly on the mouthpiece in an attempt to generate more vapor. With a small Aspire tank designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling, though, inhaling too firmly actually causes e-liquid to seep through the wick and flood the coil. Puff gently and slowly to get the best possible vapor production from your tank. If you still aren’t getting a satisfying amount of vapor, you might be happier with a bigger and more powerful tank.

Low Wattage Setting
Have you ever noticed that your Aspire coil has a recommended wattage range etched into the side? If you set your vaping device below the suggested range for your coil, the coil may never get hot enough to vaporize the e-liquid efficiently. When you inhale, you’ll draw e-liquid into the coil more quickly than the coil can vaporize it. Increasing your device’s wattage will resolve that issue.