How to Switch to Vaping if You're a Heavy Smoker

Giving up tobacco isn’t easy for any smoker. One scientific study after another has confirmed the fact that nicotine is one of the world’s most powerfully addictive substances – and if you’re a heavy smoker, you maintain high blood-nicotine levels pretty much all of the time. For you, switching to any other form of nicotine consumption – even vaping – isn’t a simple proposition because you have special needs. Do you smoke up to two packs of cigarettes per day? This article is for you. In this guide, we’re going to discuss your unique situation and explain what you can do to switch from tobacco to vaping with the highest probability of success.

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Your Needs as a Heavy Smoker
Replacing tobacco smoke with plain nicotine isn’t easy for anyone. Tobacco smoke, after all, doesn’t only contain nicotine. It also contains thousands of other chemicals that interact with the body in ways we don’t fully understand. Even for those who only smoke a few cigarettes a day, the switch from tobacco to vaping can initially be difficult as the body detoxifies itself from various chemicals other than nicotine. If you’re a heavy smoker, you have even more of those chemicals in your body than the average smoker would. How else are your needs unique? Look at the below list. How many of these statements would apply to you?

·I can taste my favorite cigarette brand on my palate pretty much all of the time. I can’t imagine that flavor not being there.

·Consuming nicotine gives me a full-body rush that I can really feel. I feel that rush whether I’m on my first cigarette of the day or my 30th. I tried a nicotine replacement product in the past, and it did absolutely nothing for me.

·I love the feeling I get from inhaling the smoke from a strong cigarette. I don’t think that vaping would satisfy me unless I could feel the same powerful hit in my throat and lungs.

·I tried vaping in the past but wasn’t able to fully stop smoking. Vaping didn’t completely satisfy me.

Now that we’ve described some of the problems that make your situation unique, let’s discuss some of the ways in which you can address those problems.

High-Nicotine E-Liquid Satisfies Your Body’s Basic Need
If you’re a heavy smoker, you’re used to experiencing frequent spikes in your body’s blood-nicotine level and maintaining high overall nicotine levels throughout the day. For you, switching from smoking to vaping will be virtually impossible unless you select an e-liquid with the correct nicotine strength. If the nicotine strength that you use is too low, you can chain vape throughout the entire day and still not feel entirely normal. If you tried vaping some time ago and weren’t able to make the switch successfully, you’ll be glad to know that e-liquid has come a long way in the past few years.

Today, there’s a new type of e-liquid available – nicotine salt e-liquid – that mimics the molecular state of nicotine as you’d find it in a real tobacco leaf. There is documented evidence that nicotine salts may help your body absorb inhaled nicotine more quickly than would be possible with a standard e-liquid – and maintaining a high blood-nicotine level is important if you’re switching to vaping after being a heavy smoker. Nicotine salt e-liquids are also available in much higher nicotine strengths than standard e-liquids. While standard e-liquids rarely have nicotine strengths exceeding 18 mg, you can find nicotine salt e-liquids in strengths up to 50 mg. Because nicotine salt e-liquid has a lower pH than standard e-liquid, many people find that they can tolerate the higher nicotine strengths without throat irritation.

The Right E-Liquid Flavor Can Replace a Familiar Experience
If you’re a heavy smoker, you’re used to having a particular flavor in your mouth almost all of the time. When it comes to choosing an e-liquid to replace that flavor, you’re going to be picky. Buying a small, cigarette-shaped e-cigarette from a local convenience store is the last thing that you should do because those small e-cigarettes – people who vape call them "cigalikes” – only have a few flavors available. If you choose an e-cigarette and don’t like any of the six or so flavors available for it, you’ll have wasted your money. You’re better off buying a vaping device that allows you to fill your own tank with the e-liquid of your choice. As we mentioned above, nicotine salt e-liquids are best for those with very high nicotine needs. As for the type of vaping device that you should buy, we’ll discuss that next.

Throat Hit Gives You the Sensation of Satisfaction
If you look for vaping devices online or in a local vape shop, you’re likely to see a lot of powerful devices that can generate enormous vapor clouds. Although a device with huge vapor production might seem like the right choice for a heavy smoker, it actually isn’t because high-output devices achieve their vapor production with very free, open airflow. A large vaping device doesn’t have the same tight draw that you’d get from a cigarette – and inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs, you’ll lose the throat hit that you need in order to feel satisfied. Long-term vapers often switch to higher-output, lower-throat hit devices once they’re over the initial hump of switching to vaping.

If you’re a heavy smoker, you need a vaping device with a tight draw for inhaling from the mouth to the lungs – the same inhaling style that you currently use with cigarettes. Combined with a high-nicotine e-liquid, a small vaping device will give you the physical sensation in the throat and lungs that you need to make the switch from tobacco to vaping possible. For you, the ideal vaping setup is one with low vapor production and high nicotine content. Not sure where to begin? We suggest looking at the Aspire Breeze 2 or the Aspire PockeX.