Why Does My Vape Crackle?

It is Not Uncommon for Your Vape to Make Noises
Whether you are an experienced vaper or have just gotten into vaping, you will often experience your vape making many noises. These often sound like crackling and popping. Many of you may be wondering if these noises should make you worried or not. Rest assured, crackling and popping are normal sounds your device will make.

A vape crackle just tells you your device functioning properly. However, you should always be aware of the noises it makes. This will help you recognize any change in sounds that may indicate an issue.

Vape Crackling
As we have already mentioned, the crackling your vape makes simply tells you that it is working properly. The e-juice of your choice gets heated by the device’s coil and begins vaporizing. This process is what creates the sounds that you are hearing. All normal vapes will make this noise. However, several things can cause a change in sound, such as:

The e-juice you use is the major cause for a vape crackle. As we said, when the e-juice hits a hot coil, it vaporizes, creating vapor and this noise. Thicker liquids lead to more vapor. Thinner liquids, however, will more likely flood the atomizer, which causes it to pop louder and spit back. Consider buying a thicker e-juice that will consistently vaporize with your device.

Wattage/Voltage Level:
Your device’s wattage or voltage level can also factor into what sounds your vape is making. Vaping at a low wattage level means your coils aren’t going to effectively vaporize e-juice fast enough. Longer draws are needed to ensure the liquid is vaporized. Without it vaporizing properly, it will most likely flood your atomizer, leading to loud popping and spitting.

The type of coil in your device also plays a role in the crackling your vape makes. Twisted and braided coils allow more surface area for the e-juice to cover, creating more vapor. However, this also means that there will also be more popping noises since the liquid vaporizing is what makes this sound.

When to Worry 
A properly functioning vape will always make light, crackling sounds. While these sounds are completely normal, you should know when to be worried about your device. Changes to the noises it makes may indicate an issue. Be aware of these changes like:

·Substantial increase in the volume of vape crackle
·Change in vapor taste; bitter taste
·Unpleasant spitting of juice
·Device quits making sound
·Unfamiliar noises

If you recognize any of these changes, you should clean your device. It is best to perform appropriate vape maintenance practices to ensure there is never any issues with your vape.

All properly functioning devices will make noises like crackling and popping. While it may startle some vapers, it just means your device is properly working. However, once you recognize any massive changes in the way it sounds, you may have a problem.