What Mods are Unsafe

As the vaping industry has become denser, it is important to make sure that you are receiving a high-quality product. With more and more products available on the market, there are more opportunities for faulty products to circle around. The largest concern in the vape market right now is mechanical mods.

So, the question is, are mechanical mods dangerous? Well, the mod itself may not be, but what you need to be careful about is the battery. Battery safety isn’t just a concern in vaping, but it is a more widespread safety concern that is relevant to multiple different types of technology, prominently cell phones, computers, wireless speakers, and so on.

When it comes to using unregulated devices (mechanical mods) ensure you understand how your device works as well as what threats are posed without adequate care and attentiveness.

What is a mechanical mod?
A mechanical vape mod is typically for more intense vapors that are interested in cloud chasing (creating large vape clouds). Mechanical mods are unregulated devices, meaning, there is no brain in the device giving orders. Unregulated devices do not contain chips that regulate voltage and wattage. The circuit is executed via the current flowing through the coil. Wattage in unregulated devices is distributed via the resistance of the coil, and the voltage is controlled via the charge of the battery.

What threats do mechanical mods pose?
The threat of the mechanical mod is that of its battery and that battery’s risk of failure. The difference between your typical mods and mechanical mods is that of the lack of chip in the latter device. In a typical device, the chip would detect any mechanical failures and shut down the device. Without the chip available to regulate or give commands, the mechanical mod becomes a potential hazard. Keep in mind that if you use your mechanical mod correctly and with battery safety in mind, it is generally considered safe.

Tips for mechanical mod safety
Because there is no chip in your mechanical mod to detect potentially risky battery failures, you need to pay close attention to the health of your device. This means taking appropriate care of your battery, ensuring proper airflow, preventing misfires, and regularly checking for short circuits.

1.Take appropriate care of your battery
·Use the right batteries for your device
·Keep your batteries charged, not overcharged, or undercharged. Charge your battery to about 4.2 volts and wait to charge it until it drops to about 3.3 volts.

2.Ensure proper airflow
·Make sure your mod has proper ventilation, or enough vent holes, to provide decent airflow. Without proper airflow, the threat is that of a buildup of pressure which can be very dangerous.

3.Prevent misfires
·Accidental misfires cause battery stress and cause potential risk. Keep your mod from accidentally misfiring by keeping it in a proper case rather than loose in your pocket or bag.

4.Regularly check for short circuits
·While mechanical mods do not have the ability to avoid firing when there is a short in the atomizer, they pose more of a threat than typical vape mods. Whenever you purchase your atomizer, ensure that it is compatible with your mod in terms of resistance.

Safety when vaping with a mechanical mod starts with knowledge and proper care.