Which is better – Convection or Conduction Vape?

Convection or  Conduction Vape has emerged as two highly popular heating styles in the vaporizers. Conduction can be defined in simple words as a process of heating via direct contact with a source of heat while convections involves heating the material with the assistance of hot air blown through a heating element.
If you are new to vaping and facing confusion, the article will offer in-depth insight regarding convection vs conduction vape, how they function, etc. It is natural to get overwhelmed when you purchase a vape kit for the first time. You need to decide whether you will prefer a vape pen, custom mod, type of PG or VG e-liquids, and flavors. 

Source of Heating in Convection vs Conduction vape
The major highlight between convection vs conduction vape is related to the heating. Conduction vaporizers were launched first and they rely on the more traditional source of heating your e-liquids or herbs. You can still access them in the market.
Some conventional cannabis enthusiasts who are fond of disposable vapes claim conduction vaporizers to be the most effective solution in the market available today. Meanwhile, convection vaporizer is the new product in the market. It is gaining huge popularity at a fast pace. Convection vaporizer uses an entirely different method of heating your oils and herbs. It gives you a unique experience.  

The Functioning of Convection Vape
In this method, the heat is transferred via moving fluids like steam. When convection vaporizers transfer heat through the moving fluids the herbs and oils will not be coming in direct contact with the heating coils. And, the outcome will be evenly heated herbs for your use. So next time when you buy disposable e-cigs, you can consider the factor of vaporizers’ functioning. 

The Functioning of Conduction Vape
Conduction vaporizer does not use fluid for the transfer of heat. It focuses on establishing a direct link between the object and a source of heat. The herbs and e-liquids come in direct touch with the heating coils. The old slim disposable kit used conduction technology and this is the reason why many individuals opted for this method. It is similar to the conventional method of lighting a roll of dried flower leaves and marijuana petals. 
Therefore, when it comes to conclude which one is better between convection vs conduction vape we can say that it depends upon an individual’s budget, the content of smoking, the quantity of consumption, and consistency.
Individuals using dry herbs may give preference to convection vaporizers as there is little chance of inhaling harmful smoke. Meanwhile, users who love to vape weeds with their friends may opt for conduction vapes.
For those who have just begun to vape, it is recommended that they begin with an economical and convenient conduction vape. It will help you find out whether vaping is good for you or not. So when you begin to use your bar disposable device, it will prove helpful to consider the above features.