How do I know when my disposable is empty?

While buying a disposable vape pen, you must read the specifications like battery life, temperature control, disposable vape’s juice tank capacity, types of flavors, and the number of hits you can expect, apart from just the comfort in handling or the flashy colors. When it comes to disposable vaping pens, the focus is on how long the product lasts. In simple words, your disposable vaping pen lasts as long as the vape juice lasts. 
The disposable pens have an in-built battery that lasts until the vape juice lasts. The design ensures explicitly that the vape juice tank dries out entirely before the battery runs out. So, if your disposable vape pen doesn’t show the liquid quantity, well, then you can rely on the vapor production. It’s quite simple – if you notice a sudden drop in the vapor production, it’s time to change the device. 
Also, If you are looking for a cheaper option because you are going to be using it only for a limited time or considering carrying it around only for a vacation or so, disposables are instead a smart choice. They last for a shorter period. On the flip side, if you want to keep multiple flavors in your pocket or your backpack, well disposable vapes are the best options as compared to the reusable pens for which you will need numerous e-liquids, which may cost you a fortune — just saying!
Therefore, some common issues and queries relating to the useful life and afterlife of disposable vape pens are as follows.

How many puffs can you draw from your disposable vape pen?
A few factors need to be kept in mind when you are calculating how many draws a disposable vape pen can last. These include the capacity of the vape juice container, the time taken for every puff, and the battery storage capacity. Firstly, determine the quantity of vape liquid stored in the vape pen. On average, 0.5 ml of the juice will be able to last for 50 to 150 puffs. A disposable vape pen usually comes with a capacity of 0.5 ml or 1 ml, sometimes even higher.
There is a lot of difference between different people when it comes to the time taken for a puff. Everyone has their style of doing it. Some prefer to inhale for as long as six seconds while others, for just a second. The difference in preferences is the reason; it is challenging to arrive at an exact number of puffs that a vape pen can provide. The range is quite more extensive; on average, a disposable pen can last somewhere between 100 and 300 puffs.
Disposable pens do not need a high standard battery since the useful life of the pen will be over, just when the vale juice tank dries out. So, these pens have low-grade battery cells with lower storage capacities. These pens, however, have protection circuits which will ensure that you get the vapor as long as the disposable pen has the vape liquid remaining in it.

Can your disposable pen be reused?
The answer is a strict no; a disposable pen can not be refilled or reused. Do not attempt to refill the liquid tank with vape juice. An attempt to refill causes a risk of overusing the coils. The same will only cause damage to the device. Trying to open a sealed liquid tank to refill the vape juice will only affect the functioning of the product. Either an empty vape juice tank or a dried out battery indicates that it is time to dispose of the product. As the name suggests, these disposable vape pens are for single-time usage. It is also essential to responsibly discard a used disposable vape pen. Many brands have partnered up with recycling companies to ensure that their customers indulge in environmentally-conscious practices. Through the recycling process, the used products can be disposed of quickly.

How to make your disposable pens last longer?
It is essential to make the full utilization of benefits from the vape pen, commensurate with the price paid for the same. On this thought, there are a lot of factors to be understood, which can help the disposable pen last a much longer. Firstly, the product’s brand quality decides the longevity of the product’s life. The right quality product is bound to last longer than those cheap ones. It is also important to note how much care you take handling the disposable pen. An understanding of the mechanism of those pens can provide a better picture of how to make it last longer. 
The life of the disposable pen, also obviously, depends on the frequency of usage. The temperature is just another essential factor. Regulating the temperature to ensure the product does not overheat and hence, last longer. Even the level of product maintenance is a critical factor that decides the life of the disposable pen. In this growing market for vape pens, one can always compare products in the market and choose the right one that meets their comfort and requirement.
In conclusion, choose a disposable vaping pen that can provide you with the desired quantity of vapor juice. Some disposable pens come with a transparent vape juice container that enables you to monitor it on a timely basis and manage accordingly. In some cases, it is difficult to observe the vape juice remaining in the tank. When you are trying to take a puff, the blue light on the tip of the pen does not light up. Yes, the vape juice is over. That is the time to dispose of your vape pen.  However, again, it is entirely up to the extent of personal usage. Different users have different standards and frequencies of usage. Just in case to compare it with the traditional pack of cigarettes, a disposable pen, on average, lasts as long as two packs of cigarettes.