It’s that time of the year again. Time to be cheerful, reconnect with your loved ones, and completely lose your mind and set your wallet on fire. Buying gifts doesn’t have to be the worst part of the holiday season, if you know you know just what to get and at a great price.

And what could be a better gift to give someone you care about than brand-new cartridge vape pens?

Cartridge vape pens have reassumed their position as the most sought-after devices in the vape industry partly because of their ease of use, versatility, and affordability. If you’re looking for a great holiday gift, give someone a gift they’ll actually use. Trust and believe that if you give someone a cartridge vape pen, they will still be using it next year when the holidays come back around.

To make your holiday shopping a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best cartridge vape pens under $50.

1.Randy’s SlimPop 510 Variable Voltage Bottle Opener $13.99
Randy’s brand is a smoke shop staple with products ranging from rolling papers, waterpipe cleaning solutions, and cartridge vape pens. The SlimPop variable voltage battery features 480mah, has a preheat function to prep your thickest materials, and is small enough to be a cool stocking stuffer. In addition, the Slimpop vape pen makes a great party companion. The bottom of the battery is a bottle opener! Pop the top on your favorite brew, take a rip from your cart, and keep spreading that holiday cheer.

2.Ryot Verb 510 Vaporizer $24.99
Some cartridge vape pens are just flat out cool. Ryot Verb 510 vaporizers are one of them. It has all the features you need in a cartridge vape pen like variable voltage, preheat function, and since it uses a magnetic connection, it’s compatible with a variety of 510 threaded cartridges. The battery is shaped like a high-quality cigar lighter and simply looks awesome. The vape product’s durable body is designed to protect the cartridge from breaking if you accidentally drop it.

3.Ooze Vault Concentrate Battery $39.99
When it comes to compactness and utility, very few cartridge vape pen models compare to Ooze Vault Concentrate Batteries. It’s a tiny cartridge vape with a built-in storage container! When you’re done vaping, just twist off your cartridge, twist the off the cap at the bottom of the battery, and slide your cartridge in. Stash more than just your cartridge in the Vault. The Ooze Vault is a variable voltage vape battery that uses a dial for easy adjustments. This is easily going to be someone’s favorite gift this holiday season.

4.Hamilton PB1 510 Vaporizer $44.99
Looking for something classy? Get your best bros one of these. If you’re a guy, get a Hamilton PB1 for yourself! This cartridge vape pen is designed in the shape of a classic tobacco pipe. It’s the perfect piece to bring to a snazzy holiday party or when you’re at home in your warm and cozy robe and slippers.

5.Hamilton Gold Bar 510 Battery $29.99
I LOVE GOOOLLD! Remember that? If you don’t, then you’re probably not 21 years old and you need to leave this website. The Hamilton Gold Bar cartridge vape pen will make a statement wherever it’s on display. Do you have a flamboyant or flashy friend or family member? Now you can cross them off your list. What makes this cartridge vape battery even better is that it’s an auto-draw device without buttons, just screw in your 510 cartridge and inhale.

No matter how complex your holiday shopping list is, make it simple. Buy someone a gift that you know won’t collect dust or be re-gifted. Cartridges vape pens make great holiday gifts. Oh, and don’t forget to buy spare vape cartridges!