5 Key Accessories That All Pipe/Herb/Wax Enthusiasts Should Have

A lot of hemp enthusiasts eventually find that either smoking or dabbing the plant compounds is a great addition to their routines. Both of these delivery methods allow us to inhale the compounds of the hemp plant for faster and more potent effects. So, they put a lot of effort into finding the perfect device, whether it be a pipe or dabbing setup, and ensure that they have the best flower or concentrates on hand at all times.

Best Accessories to Grab for Your Pipe or Dabbing Setup
Anyone out there who is a fan of using a pipe or a dabbing setup should most certainly consider grabbing some accessories to enhance their sessions.

Accessory #1: Metal Pipe Screens
If you’re someone who likes to smoke hemp flower out of a pipe, then a metal pipe screen can really enhance your smoking sessions. Metal pipe screens are small mesh screens that are inserted into the base of a pipe’s bowl. The thin metal material allows them to be extremely malleable, so that you can manipulate them to fit the bowl as needed.

Metal pipe screens have a few benefits. Their job is to prevent bits of flower from getting pulled through the bowl and into the mouthpiece. So, they keep the flower from clogging the device, and getting pulled into your mouth during a hit. They also help prevent the buildup of resin that can cause your pipe to get dirty and negatively impact the flavor of your smoke.

Accessory #2: Grinder
If you don’t have a grinder, you don’t know what you are missing. A grinder is a great accessory for anyone who smokes flower, making the entire process of smoking far more efficient. As the name implies, this type of device grinds up your buds. When you smoke evenly ground buds in a pipe, you can enjoy a more even and efficient smoke as there is more surface area to light at once, essentially letting you get the most out of each pipe application.

When you insert whole buds into the pipe, some portions burn faster than others. This means that some of it burns away before you get a chance to smoke the compounds out of it. And, uneven burning can interfere with the taste of your herb by burning away the terpenes that produce quality flavor.

Accessory #3: Banger
Bangers are an alternative to traditional dab nails, acting as a bucket that holds the concentrates, attached to an airflow stem. They can enhance the process of dabbing wax and other concentrates in a few ways.

·1.Simply hold more product, so you can get more out of each session.
·2.Improve flavor by allowing for a more even style of heating.
·3.Improve airflow so that each hit is smoother, more flavorful, and less harsh on the throat.

Bangers come in a wide range of styles, shapes and materials, and quartz flat top bangers are largely regarded as the best due to their ability to deliver the right amount of even heat for a more satisfying experience overall.

Accessory #4: Banger Beads
Then, there are banger beads. If you’ve already invested in a banger, then banger beads may be the next purchase you’ll want to make. These are small beads, usually made from quartz or glass, that sit inside the banger. When a hit is fired, the beads spin around inside. They help ensure that the melting of the concentrate is done in a more even manner, while evenly distributing the concentrate in a way that actually improves the flavor of each hit.

Banger beads make the biggest difference when you are dabbing at low temperatures, during which your wax or other type of concentrate melts more slowly and tends to melt in an uneven and inconsistent manner.

#5: Dab Nail Temperature Reader
Finally, we have dab nail temperature readers. Anyone who dabs regularly knows that precision is key when it comes to heating your concentrates to get the best flavor, vapor production and smoothness. A dab nail temperature reader ensures that your dab nail reaches the exact temperature needed to bring the best qualities out of your concentrates.

Dab nail temperature readers tend to be small tabletop devices into which you insert your dab nail. When the dab nail is heated, the temperature reader informs you when the desired temperature is reached.

Pipe/Herb/Wax Accessories Matter!
As you can see, there are various accessories for both pipe and dab enthusiasts that can really help you get more out of each hit of hemp that you take. These accessories are practically essential to anyone who desires only the highest-quality sessions possible. At The Vape Mall, we offer a variety of accessories for both pipes and dabbing setups so that you can savor your concentrates and flower like never before.