What's the Difference Between Voopoo Drag X and Voopoo Drag S?

The implementation of a dual flagship strategy is not unprecedented in the consumption market! On the contrary, it's always adapted by most companies from every field, even on the vape market! Through a precise balance between specifications and price points, this kind of solution can always hit the spot! Take Voopoo as an example, they released Voopoo Drag 2/Drag Mini in 2019 and then followed by Voopoo Vinci/Vinci R, Voopoo Navi/Vinci Air. And the upcoming Drag Mod Pod series is also in line with this trend! Let's check out Voopoo Drag X Kit and Voopoo Drag S Kit below.

Firstly, let's find out the differences between them. As the picture shows above, the profile design and form factors between them are fairly identical except for the dimension. Just like what Voopoo used to do on the Drag 2/Drag Mini, the battery configuration on these two kits is different! The Voopoo Drag X Kit rushes with a single 18650 external battery and the Voopoo Drag S Kit uses a 2500mAh internal battery. By virtue of the better integration of the interior battery, the Drag S is more on the compact side, and it precisely weakens the performance. In consideration of the duration and strength, the maximum output of Drag S is only 60w, which is weaker than Drag X and Vinci X. If you dwell on higher output, the Drag X is there for you which is capable of pumping up to 80 watts!

Based on the great success of the Voopoo Vinci series and benefit from the skillful utilization of metal and leather material, it's clear to see the Voopoo Drag Mod Pod series has combined the great features of Drag series and Vinci series. Now, let's get into it!

1. Profile Design

If I'm not mistaken, it's the first time that Voopoo uses leather material. Actually, leather material has gained its reputation in the vape field due to the Geekvape aegis series. Via large area coverage at the handgrip position to deliver a soft and comfy touching feel. The alloy frame also ensures stability and durability at the same time! Admittedly, the metal-leather combination throws us a strong visual impact. 

Also, the profile design of Voopoo Drag X Kit or Voopoo Drag S Kit is undeniably refreshing. Apart from the utilization of new construction material, as the first Mod Pod Kit from Voopoo Drag series, we see the inheritance of Voopoo Drag and the development of Voopoo Vinci. 

2.  Functionalities

Simply talking about the output will undoubtedly narrow the highlights of these two kits! Let's just skip the repeat of battery or power! Based on a brand-new module, there're more could be thrust into except for a big battery! One of the USP(Unique Selling Point) of the Voopoo Drag X Kit and Voopoo Drag S Kit is the upgraded GENE.TT chipset. Aside from the essential battery protections and vaping guarantees, this TT chip also features a new function called Vaping Ranking System. Just as what you play in LOL(League of Legends) or COD(Call of Duty), users can also go to a higher rank by a simple inhaling! The chip itself will automatically detect the length of time and vapor density of each puff you take, then it will show out the points and different ranks like Bronze, Silver, or King! 

Frankly, vaping itself is a joy to vapers! Plus this ranking function will make vaping more joyful! But the aim of this function is not to drive you to keep vaping. Misuse always stays out of the recommended list!

In addition, given that an inbuilt battery is much safer, the Voopoo Drag S Kit is able to work in three different modes that we're all familiar with! Auto mode, manual mode, and auto/manual mode!

3. Structure

As the picture above shows, the Voopoo Drag X Kit and Voopoo Drag S Kit features a new pod cartridge and a new airflow adjustment ring! 

The pod cartridge itself is unnecessary to go into too much. The reason it adapts a new shape is mainly to fit the module size! The integrated 510 drip tip is a widely accepted design but it's irreplaceable. In addition, the pod is also compatible with the Voopoo PNP coil series that has a total of 9 types!

The highlight here should be the new airflow adjustment design called infinite airflow system! Different from the common way to regulate the airflow abundance by rotating the adjustment ring, simply push the little knob to decide how much airflow is able to come through three inlets on three sides!

4. Bonus

510 Adapter for Pod Mod Kit becomes extremely popular all of a sudden. To fully utilize the potential of a pod mod kit, a basic sub-ohm tank may take it higher! Whereas Voopoo just moves onto another way to create a 510 adapter for the Drag pod cartridge to make it compatible with the mainstream box mods. 

That's all the information about the Voopoo Drag X Kit and Voopoo Drag S Kit. Hope you find it useful!