Founded in 2015, Vaporesso has a full lineup of vape pods, vape mods, coils and tanks. Among the most popular Vaporesso devices are their refillable vape pod kits. Ideal for beginning and veteran vapers alike, vape pod kits are optimized for nic salt eliquids.

But a new generation of more powerful and capable vape pod kits can handle max-VG eliquids as well. The Vaporesso XRos falls into this category. With adjustable airflow and competitive hardware, it has the pieces in place to compete with the best in the market. But how does it fare in the real world?


You don’t have to be too familiar with the lay of the land to realize that Vaporesso used the UWell Caliburn as the benchmark for the XRos pod kit. Like the Caliburn, the Vaporesso XRos can operate with its fire button or as an autodraw. The clamshell top filling mechanism on the XRos is quite similar to the UWell design as well. The XRos is a bit over four inches in length.

The XRos begins to take the advantage with its hardware. The original UWell Caliburn has a 520mAh battery and 11w output. The XRos has an 800mAh battery and 16w output. This seemingly makes the XRos a more likely rival for the updated UWell Caliburn G design. The Caliburn G has a 690mAh battery and 15w output.

One difference is the Caliburn G has swappable coils but the XRos offers two pod resistances: 0.8ohms and 1.2ohms. The 0.8ohm coil takes full advantage of the 16w output and is perfect for max-VG vapers who want a convenient vape pod kit for personal use. It is also great for lower-strength nic salts. The 1.2ohm pod is optimized for nic salts.

The biggest advantage of the Vaporesso XRos is an a clever adjustable airflow design.


There are two types of Vaporesso XRos pods. Both have an eliquid capacity of 2ml. Both pod designs also rely on mesh coil technology. I prefer mesh coils because of their fast ramp up speed and longevity. The difference between the two pods is resistance and airflow. Of course, the adjustable airflow of the Vaporesso XRos allows you to customize further but the 1.2ohm pod has a tighter MTL draw. The 0.8ohm coil is slightly looser but still an MTL draw, which can be further restricted by closing the adjustable airflow. Together, they pack a great and versatile 1-2 punch. As someone who does not vape 50mg/ml nic salts, I prefer the lower resistance 0.8ohm coil, which also operates at a slightly higher wattage. 

The UWell Caliburn has long been considered a contender if not the heavyweight champ of the refillable vape pod market and challenging it for supremacy in a competitive market is a tall order. But the Vaporesso XRos is up to the challenge.
The adjustable airflow is a huge benefit and makes the Vaporesso XRos the mouth-to-lung king. With a coil designed for max-VG and a higher resistance nic salt coil, you have plenty of flexibility with the Vaporesso XRos. 

The design is logical and it fits easily in your hand as well. The shape will seem familiar to Vuse Alto and Juul users, as well as fans of disposable ecigs. With 16w of power, the Vaporesso XRos hits hard for a vape pod kit. It gives up a bit of power to the updated Smok Novo designs but the 0.8ohm coil can deliver plenty of vapor.

A really slick design, it is also quite easy to fill with spacious fill ports. This makes it a better choice than its older stablemate the Vaporesso Renova Zero for smokers making the switch to vaping and fans of disposable ecigs, even if it may appear more complex on paper.

During a month of hard use, leaking was not an issue and the coils were long-lasting. With a USB charger, it is also a fast-charging device.

While its stablemate the Vaporesso Renova Zero is sturdy and serviceable device, the Vaporesso XRos is straight-up outstanding and one of the best refillable vape pods on the market today. Fast charging, hard-hitting, adjustable airflow, reliable and basically leak free, it is easy to recommend the Vaporesso XRos to any adult nic salt vaper, smoker who wants give vaping a shot or a disposable ecig user who wants to save some money by purchasing bottled eliquids.

The Vaporesso XRos is sold with everything you need to get started, with the exception of the bottled eliquid. Each box includes the Vaporesso XRos device, two pods (one 1.2ohm and one 0.8ohm pod), charger cord, manual and warranty card. While there are other titans out there worthy of your hard earned dollar, the Vaporesso XRos can certainly compete on even terms with the Smok Novo 3, Uwell Caliburn and UWell Caliburn G.