What to Do When Your Pod Device Starts to Overheat

Imagine that it’s a beautiful summer day and you’re hitting your pod mod.  Then, suddenly, something just doesn’t seem right.  Your mod feels unusually warm in your hand and the inside of your cartridge looks a bit off.  Now, you’re wondering if it’s safe to go on vaping.
Like any electronic device, a pod mod is capable of overheating.  This can happen for a number of reasons.  What’s most important to keep in mind is that an overheated system needs rest in order to recover. 

What Causes a Pod Device to Overheat?
Generally, there are two components of your pod system that are capable of overheating: the battery and the coil.  As you know, these two hardware components work together to keep your device functioning properly.  If either of them is no longer functional, your vaping session is basically over.
When your coil overheats, it’s usually because you’ve simply been hitting your mod too much without allowing the wire to get a chance to come back down to its normal temperature.  Another reason could be that something in your coil is loose, causing it to get hot when it’s exposed to the battery connection.
If your battery is overheating, it may be because you’re hitting your mod way too much.  For chain-vapers, consider taking longer breaks between each hit.  Your battery may also become overheated because it’s overcharged.  Or, it could be caused by environmental factors.  Also, if you tend to leave your mod outside on a hot day or in direct sunlight, it can very well overheat.

How to Tell When Your Pod Device is Overheating
There are some telltale signs of an overheated pod device. 
·One common sign is that the device simply feels extremely hot in the hand.
·Another sign is that the battery simply stops working.
·Finally, your pod cartridge looks cloudy and your nic salt e-liquid is unusually bubbly.

What to Do with an Overheated Pod Device
The first thing to do with an overheated pod device is to stop using it.  Put it down, place it somewhere that’s dark and cool, away from anything flammable, and let it rest.  Hopefully, this will allow the device to return to a normal operating temperature.  You never want to use a device that’s clearly overheated as it can be dangerous.  When a battery gets too hot, it can combust, or it can fuse with the mod, causing serious problems like battery leakage.
Avoid charging an overheated device.  The act of charging can be the tipping point, causing your battery to leak, which can be extremely dangerous.  If your device isn’t physically altered by becoming overheated, let it cool down before charging it.
And, if your particular pod device comes with overheat protection, you can always contact the manufacturer.  Most warranties have a clause about overheating, meaning that you can simply trade in your overheated pod system for a brand new one.

Keep Your Pod System Safe
Although using an overheated pod device can be quite dangerous, there are some easy ways to tell that your mod is overheating so that you can remedy the situation quickly and resume vaping in no time.