It's Okay to Get All

Do you ever dream up e-liquid flavor concoctions, only to realize that you don’t have the time or money to invest in a DIY vaping setup?  Although it’s great to create e-liquid flavors from scratch, not all of us are willing to buy all of that equipment and learn all of those equations.  If you’re interested in expressing your culinary creativity without having to go through the trouble of making vape juices from scratch, you might want to look into flavor blending.  This very simple process lets you explore new flavor combinations without all of the work associated with DIY vaping.

How Flavor Blending Works
Flavor blending is an incredibly straightforward process that involves combining two different e-liquids in order to end up with a new flavor profile.  In order to do this, you clean out an empty e-liquid bottle.  Then, into the empty bottle, you pour a couple of pre-made vape juice flavors.  Next, you close the lid and shake the bottle so that the flavors mix together properly.  Finally, you vape away while congratulating yourself for concocting such a yummy e-juice.  It’s really that simple.

How to Flavor Blend Like an E-Juice Expert
Now that you understand the basics of flavor blending, let’s get into some of the tips and tricks that can help you while you’re just starting out.

Begin by Making Small Batches
In the beginning, you want to keep the batches small.  That’s because you’re not experienced enough to know for certain which flavors go well with each other.  If you end up making a huge batch of a flavor blend that doesn’t really taste all that great, you’re going to end up throwing out a good amount of vape juice.

Stick with What You Know
When you’re first getting started, go for flavors that are frequently combined with each other.  Instead of getting over-ambitious and ending up with a flavor blend that doesn’t taste great, stick with classic flavor combinations like cereal and milk, custard and strawberries and tobacco and menthol.

Write Down Recipes
It’s a good idea to keep track of the flavor blends that taste exceptionally good by writing down the recipes.  Keep track of the brands you’re using, the names of the flavors and the quantities.

Opt for High-Quality Flavors
We don’t suggest blending cheap e-liquids together in an effort to save money.  Low-quality ingredients will result in a disappointing flavor experience no matter what.

Things to Keep in Mind
Before you really take off, here are two things to know:

1. Stick with One Type of Nicotine
One rule of flavor blending is that you must stick to one type of nicotine.  Combining a salt nic e-juice with a freebase e-juice simply won’t work because these two types of nicotine require two different vaping devices. 

2. Avoid Mixing Ratios
Also, you probably want to avoid combining different ratios.  If you combine different VG/PG mixes together, you’ll likely end up with a vaping experience that doesn’t satisfy your needs.  That’s because different ratios promote different vaping attributes that determine the settings of your device.

Flavor Blend Your Way to an Exquisite Vaping Experience
Flavor blending is a ridiculously easy practice that can help you express your creativity while ensuring that you’re always satisfied with the taste of your vape.  This guide will help you create stunning flavor combinations in no time.