What Temperature Should I Set My Vape Pen To?

If you’ve decided to join the world of vaping your elixir of choice, welcome! Some of the most common questions we’re asked about our Ooze vape pens have to do with the adjustable voltage and preheat settings. The whole idea of vape pens is to make the smoking experience simpler, so we’re here to answer those questions!

Because our versatile vape pens can be used with different materials, it’s important to make sure you’re setting it up for success. Whether you’re using wax concentrates with an atomizer or pre-filled oil cartridges determines what temperatures you should stay within for everyday use.

If you have a pre-filled oil cartridge from a state-licensed dispensary, you can pop it right onto our vape pens. From there, it’s super simple! We recommend starting at the lowest voltage, 3.3V, which each of our Slim Twist pens is automatically set to. If the oil in your cartridge has a thick consistency and you’re not getting a great hit at 3.3V, just turn the dial on the bottom of the pen up a couple notches.

For these oil cartridges, repeated use on the highest temperature setting could burn the coil, resulting in nasty-tasting hits. One or two hits on a higher setting won’t damage the pen, so if you want a video with a huge cloud, just remember to turn it back to the lowest setting afterwards!

You can also use our vape pens for wax! Just load your dab into an atomizer or 510 thread cartridge and attach it to the pen.   

1.Start the temperature somewhere between 3.8V and 4.1V.
2.Run one cycle of the pre-heat mode.
Click the button on the device twice and let it run without clicking it again. The pulsing light will indicate if it is still preheating.
1.Once the light stops pulsing, hold down the button and take a drag!
Pay attention to your exhale—if you don’t think you got a decent hit, turn the dial up just a notch and try again. If it was uncomfortably large… you know what to do!
Using wax in vape pens can be a bit more of ‘trial and error’ than oil since it’s thicker and the consistency tends to vary. Some forms of wax just need more heat to get them going, so keep this in mind every time you pick up a fresh batch.

Vape pens are a great alternative to burning CBD or marijuana flower due to their convenience, cleanliness, portability and odorless vapor. If you just need a quick hit, vape pens allow you to get instant relief with a quick press of a button—all without having to grind and pack a piece. Our Slim Twist pens are designed to require as minimal setup as possible, but adjusting the temperature settings can still make a difference in your experience. Wax users—don’t be afraid to crank the temperature up a few notches before preheating. If you use oil or a thinner concentrate, your pen should be good to go right out of the box.