Here’s How to Clean Your Vaping Pens: The Ultimate Guide

Getting an excellent vaping experience is dependent on the condition your vaporizer is in, among other factors. One of the ways to care for your vape pen is by keeping it clean. Note that even new vape pens will require cleaning as most come with a characteristic smell of machine oil. Cleaning a vape pen is not an uphill climb, and it only takes a few minutes. Below is an ultimate guide on how to clean your vaping pens:

Know your vape pen
There are different substances to vape, such as oils, herbs, and wax. The ways you clean your herb vape pen varies from the way you clean your wax vape pen. It is because these materials form different residues on the pen. Knowing your vape pen also calls for you to be familiar with its various parts, such as the battery, the heating chamber, and the mouthpiece. As long as you know these different parts, you can easily disassemble it for cleaning. That said, let us focus on the various methods for cleaning these vape pens.

1. How to clean a dry herb vaporizer

It is the easiest to clean because there is no sticky residue from concentrated liquids or wax in the chamber. Besides, it has fewer parts, i.e., the battery, mouthpiece, screen, and the heating chamber. Here’s how to clean it:
§Disassemble the pen into its various components- as you do this, ensure you do not apply too much force to the different parts; they are delicate.
§Remove the residue present by gently tapping it on a newspaper or a trash can. Be careful to avoid losing the small screen.
§Clean the heating chamber- to clean this part, use a soft brush or a Q-tip. Brush to remove any vaporized residue or particles clogging the screen. Ensure you do not use water as this may tamper with the vape’s warming coil.
§Clean the mouthpiece- give this part a lot of attention; it is what comes into contact with your mouth while vaping. Use a Q-tip, a piece of cloth or cotton ball to clean the mouthpiece and eliminate the dirt and residue.  You can use isopropyl alcohol, although it is good to check the manual before applying any liquid on it. There are some mouthpieces designed to be soaked in warm water.
§Clean the small screen- the screen separates the herb from the components. Remove it and soak it in isopropyl alcohol in case the dust has accumulated on the screen.
§Reassemble the vaporizer- after ensuring that every part of the vape pen is clean, wipe it gently to give it a new and shiny look. Then, assemble the different parts carefully.
Once you clean your herb vape pen, you are sure to have a good vape. To heighten this, you can decide to vape herb or flowers from plants you have personally cared for. Buy medical marijuana seeds online and stand a chance to vape weed from your plants.

2. How to clean an oil or wax vape pen

Cleaning it is a bit challenging because the sticky wax or oil concentrates solidify upon cooling. Here are steps you can follow in cleaning this type of vape pen:
§Before disassembling your vape pen, ensure you activate the device so that the device warms. It makes it easier for waxes, oils, and other concentrates to wipe away. Separate the mouthpiece, heating chamber, and the rechargeable battery once the device warms up.
§Clean the vape pen’s heating chamber- use a dab tool or a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl. Typically, the sticky residue changes in color. While wiping, move the strokes in the same direction to avoid smearing the residue all over the chamber. Wipe consistently to eliminate any residue.
§Wipe the heating wick/coil together with the area surrounding it. Use as little rubbing alcohol as possible to clean this part to ensure there is no liquid spillage into the circulatory, which is very delicate. Also, do not apply too much pressure as this may easily damage your coil calling for a replacement.
§Use either rubbing alcohol or warm water to clean the rim and inner lining of the vape’s mouthpiece. If the shape of your vape pen allows it, run a Q-tip or a pipe cleaner through the mouthpiece for a better clean.
§Leave the pieces to dry out in a well-ventilated area. This should be away from direct sunlight. 
§Reassemble the parts and press the micro button a couple of times in quick succession. This is to turn the device on.

Above are ways for cleaning specific types of vape pens. Below are general tips for cleaning vape pens:

§Clean the threading connection. This threading can easily strip if it is very dirty.
§Soak the vape pen partially in the water or cleaning liquid you are using. You can only soak it entirely if it is 100% waterproof, as indicated in the manual.
§Clean it regularly-at least once a week to avoid having too much of a mess to clean.
§Warm up the atomizer before cleaning- this helps you to remove residue easier.
§Some vape pens have mouthpieces made of glass. You can place this mouthpiece in a ziplock containing isopropyl and salt. This serves to soften it. The salt also breaks the gunk apart. Then, you can drop it in warm water to clean it. Lastly, rinse the mouthpiece by placing it under running water.
§As compared to other parts of a vape pen, the battery collects the least amount of residue. It is because the vaping products are not in direct contact with the battery. Regardless of this, it is necessary to clean it to ensure you keep the current running. Therefore, run a Q-tip frequently to lengthen the life duration of your battery.

Cleaning and keeping your vape coil is a sure way to extend the life of your vapor pen. Additionally, it ensures no compromise on the quality of vaping