What Nicotine Strength Should You Choose In Your E-Liquid?

Starting your vaping journey? Here’s some things you should know about choosing your nicotine strength.

When stepping into the world of vaping, we understand how daunting it all can seem at first.

There’s lots to think about – from choosing a vape kit and finding your favourite flavours to selecting a nicotine strength.

It can be difficult to know what will work best when you’re just starting out – and the strength of your liquid is one of the most important parts, especially if you’re taking up vaping to help you quit smoking.

Here are some things to think about when choosing your perfect strength of e-liquid.

Why is nicotine strength so important?
If you’re transitioning to vaping from smoking in an attempt to quit, nicotine strengths play a massive part in making it a smooth journey.

The purpose of nicotine content in e-liquids is to help you manage your cravings after switching. If you’re just starting out and not reaching the same nicotine hit you’re used to, it can be tempting to return to cigarettes – so choosing the right strength is crucial.

However, nicotine is an optional addition to the majority of e-liquids, and it’s totally up to you whether you choose a higher strength liquid, or one that’s totally free of nicotine – but you need to think about what’s going to help you the most.

What nicotine strengths can I choose from?
The strength you choose will depend on a few things, including:

·Your preferred vaping technique

You might have heard some terms, like mouth to lung or direct lung – but what do these mean and what do they have to do with choosing a nicotine strength?

Mouth to lung is a vaping technique that most people use, where you draw the vapor from your e-cig into your mouth and inhale it back, meaning you’ll be able to tolerate higher nicotine strengths.

Direct lung is a technique in which you take one long draw from the e-cigarette, inhaling it straight in.

If this is your preferred vaping method, you won’t want a high nicotine strength.

Using this technique means you experience a much greater throat hit and produce more vapor – it would be quite an uncomfortable vape.

·If you’re attempting to quit smoking

If you’ve just quit or have been vaping for a while, and you’ve noticed you still feel the need to smoke, you might need a higher nicotine strength.

Alternatively, you might fee like your nicotine strength is too high, in which case you can vape less throughout the day or reduce the strength of your liquid.

It’s completely okay to alter your nicotine strength – so long as you’re vaping instead of smoking cigarettes, you’re well on your way to quitting for good.

Which nicotine strength is best for me?
The answer to this simply comes down to your smoking habits.

We usually recommend the highest nicotine strengths to the heaviest of smokers, so you might want to choose an 18mg strength if you were getting through more than one pack of cigarettes per day.

If you considered yourself to be an average smoker and got through a pack per day, a 12mg strength is a good place to start while you find your feet with vaping.

For smokers getting through around 10 cigarettes per day, we usually recommend starting with a 6mg liquid to give you the nicotine buzz you’re craving.

Alternatively, a 6mg liquid could be the ideal final step for you if you’ve been working your way through lower nicotine strengths towards a liquid that’s completely free of nicotine – so you can cut it out for good.