5 Great Reasons To Choose Premium E-liquids Over The Others

More people worldwide are turning to vape products to replace their usual cigarettes. It’s considered the safer alternative, with many vape shops popping up globally to cater to the growing demand. E-liquids, especially, come in various flavors, scents, and nicotine levels.

Like any product, there are many options you can choose from depending on availability and your budget. You may have already encountered “premium” e-liquid and may have wondered how this differs from the others. There are a few reasons to choose premium e-liquid over the rest, and you can learn what they are below:

1.Quality ingredients
Not every e-liquid is made the same; that much is certain. Some brands may claim to have premium e-liquid, but you’ll know it once you read its contents. E-liquid normally contains the following ingredients:

·Food flavorings
·Propylene glycol (PG)
·Vegetable glycerin (VG)
·Water (optional)

Any more additions will result in a more watered-down and sometimes dangerous formula. High quality e-liquids are also manufactured with natural ingredients, though some use artificial flavors. Take note that some might include other chemicals, like dyes, essential oils, and sometimes, even multivitamins. So, if you would rather have quality vape juice with no additives, it’s recommended that you choose premium e-liquids for your vaping needs.

2.No contamination or toxins
One other way to know if your e-liquid isn’t high-quality is if it leaves aftertastes or smells different from the flavors it advertises. There’s a high possibility that the product has been tampered with, accidentally or otherwise. Subpar brands may have contaminants gained during the production process due to poor quality control from their end.

A reputable e-liquid manufacturer ensures that its products aren’t contaminated during and after production. As a result, you can vape better without worrying about any strange aftertastes or odd scents lingering. 

Likewise, e-liquids also don’t include dangerous toxins. High-quality e-liquid manufacturers  avoid putting lead, arsenic, and hydrogen cyanide, among others, in their formulas. As mentioned previously, premium e-liquid only contains at most four ingredients. If you see vape juice advertised as “premium” yet has more components than usual, it’s probably not a legitimate premium e-liquid.

3.Pure nicotine content
Some brands may cut back on ingredients to sell more of their items. As such, you can expect cheaper e-liquid options to lack the nicotine content you need. While nicotine is still considered unhealthy to most, a study suggests that it does have its benefits, like possibly protecting against Parkinson’s disease.

If you don’t enjoy vaping as much, your current e-liquid may have the wrong nicotine strength. Brands selling premium e-liquids may also offer you your preferred nicotine level options. The nicotine they provide in their formulas is also pure, which means you’re not getting diluted juice from them. 

It’s more costly, but you’re after the experience, and you can get that from premium e-liquids. By purchasing from a trusted brand, you can have enough nicotine as you wish or no nicotine at all.

4.Smoother tastes
Premium e-liquid manufacturers treat their products like fine wine. But instead of fermenting it, they steep it to release all the unique flavors in their formulas. They take their time to let the ingredients oxidize, making for a smoother taste when vaped. 

Other brands may not steep their e-liquid long enough or at all. The lack of this process causes the harsh tastes you may have experienced with cheaper or lower-quality brands.

5.Better flavors and scents
Like food and drink, production methods can change the quality of e-liquids. A poorly mixed concoction may leave you unsatisfied, like eating a piece of cheap gum. For many people, vaping is an experience. You won’t get that if you settle for low-quality vape juice.

There are over 7,700 unique e-liquid flavors. Most of them lie in the fruit or candy-flavored spectrum. Unlike other vape juices, premium e-liquid flavorings make use of plant or animal material to get the flavors customers enjoy while still keeping in mind their health and safety.

Some low-standard e-liquids may also have toxic compounds to their flavoring, like diacetyl. This chemical is the source of that buttery popcorn smell and flavor many vape juices have. Despite the familiar scent it gives, diacetyl has been linked to a lung disease aptly nicknamed “popcorn lung.”

Premium ones usually forgo adding that chemical for their e-liquid flavors. So, you can be sure you’re getting safer, higher-quality juice for your vaping sessions.

In Conclusion
Most people tend to have better experiences with better quality products. The same can be said for e-liquids. When you’re starting vaping, you might opt for cheaper alternatives to get the hang of it. But in time, you’ll begin looking for better options. 

Premium e-liquids are excellent choices for both vaping beginners and veterans alike. Not only will they make your vaping sessions more worthwhile, but you’re also guaranteed that you’re using something safer and more exciting.