Whether you are first starting out, or you are looking to further customize your vaping experience, wattage is an important factor in having the best vaping session possible. While this is a standout area when working to fine-tune your vaping device, picking the right wattage can be difficult. You have to consider your wants, needs, and how the choice in wattage will likely affect your experience, as well as the safety, longevity, and capabilities of your device.

Before you can understand how to use it, you first need to understand what wattage is. Simply put, wattage is the amount of power your device uses when you are vaping. However, while many people have the mindset “the more power you have, the stronger the vaping device”, this is not always true. In fact, it is vastly important you understand when you need more power, as well as when you need to lower the amount of wattage.

Remember to consider your options when purchasing a new vaping device. Different devices have different limits, and not all vaping devices have variable wattage (the ability to change your device’s wattage). While most box mod options have a variable wattage feature, many devices (like pens, pods, or sticks) do not offer this trait (and therefore, the wattage remains at a constant wattage during use).

Generally, most experienced vapors tend to follow three common rules for finding their ideal settings. These are:

1. Start small.No matter what your device says you can handle, always start with the lowest wattage (typically around 1-5 watts) and work your way up.0
2. Just because it is a higher wattage, does not mean it provides a better vaping experience. Some prefer to vape using a lower wattage to conserve their coils and material.
3. Different devices (especially Sub Ohm) do not always require a significant wattage. In fact, even a high-powered sub-Ohm device will typically only require 80W (watts) or less.

The best wattage you will need to use with your device is based on many factors. Most importantly, you need to stay within the recommended limits for both your coil and device. Using too much wattage is both unsafe for you and your device. As long as you stay within the limits, it really depends on the type of vaping experience you are looking for (for example, the temperature of your hits, size of vaping clouds, etc.). 

When determining your preferred wattage, there are several factors you need to consider. Think about what you are looking for. Your ideal wattage can change depending on how much you know about your device, the type of effect you are looking for, as well as how comfortable you are with vaping in general. Four key areas to consider when selecting your vaping wattage include (but are not limited to): 

One of the biggest reasons vapors make changes to their device is to improve their hits. While some people want to feel like they have not vaped anything at all, others are just looking to avoid a harsh, hot vapor that seems to stick to the back of your throat and head. In most cases, people tend to want something in between.

While the substance can also alter how the vapor clouds hit you, generally if you use a higher wattage you will experience larger and harder throat hits. Higher wattages also tend to increase the heat within the vapor, so unless you like a warm blast of vapor going down your throat, you may want to avoid using too high of a wattage for your device.

Another common change to adjusting your wattage is the overall flavor of your hit. This is especially true for e-liquids as different flavors use different components and therefore, require different temperature levels to be heated for the best flavoring. It is often recommended to start with the lowest wattage for your device and slowly increase it until you find the wattage that works for you.

It is simple. The type of wattage you use will directly affect the lifespan of your device. For example, when using a higher wattage (or power) for your device, the quicker the battery within your device will require charging. And batteries are not the only thing that can be affected. Coils can also burn out quicker from higher wattage use. This is especially true if you use higher wattage amounts than the recommended coil limits.  

When you use a higher wattage for your device, you should always expect your material consumption rate to increase. For example, when vaping e-juice an average wattage consumer will last around 2 days. However, when you consistently use a higher wattage your consumption rate will go up, and the same amount of e-juice will last about half the time.

Like many features, your vaping style and what you are looking for is key to fine-tuning your wattage settings for customizing the perfect vapes for you. What works for one person, may not be what is best for the next. For example, if you dislike super hot vapes, simply lower your wattage settings. No matter what makes the ideal wattage situation for your device, you should always keep in mind you need to stay within the recommended limits of both your coil and your device.