Since vaping became mainstream in the last decade, it has seen tremendous growth and changes in all areas. But perhaps the greatest of those changes is in the area of pod kits. Initially, pod kits were favored by new vapers who were enticed by its simplicity and ease of use. However, due to the fact that pod kits also come in a variety of sizes, coil type, and power, advanced vapers too began to adopt it. The versatility and simplicity offered by pod kits coupled with the fact that it is portable and pocket friendly quickly saw it dominating the market.

Now, it is important to understand that pod kits did not attain this enviable position at the advent of vaping. When vape pens were first introduced, there were only two options: cig-a-likes (e-cigs) or vape pens. Disposable E-Cigs could only be used once, had only a limited variety of flavor,  and lacked substantial nicotine hit. Even though vape pens had open tanks and more importantly were reusable, they were often leaky and somewhat unwieldy.

Then came the box mods, which offered more options, increased power, and long-lasting batteries. But they were difficult to use especially for new vapers. Since new vapers wanted something that had the requisite level of nicotine hit but was also compact and easy to use, it quickly became apparent that box mods were not it.

However, the solution soon became apparent when Juul introduced its pod kit products into the market in 2015. The pod kits had a design that was easy to use, had high strength pods and small but powerful batteries that made the whole thing sleek, stylish and compact. The product became a tremendous success in the United States where it was produced. The outstanding success enjoyed by the new product prompted other manufacturers of vaping devices to adopt the design in an attempt to replicate similar success. And they were remarkably successful since pod kits have dominated the vaping market ever since. With more manufacturers in the market, progress in the growth and development of pod kits were astronomical.

The Evolution of Pod Kits
Ever since they first hit the market, pod kits have undergone a dynamic range of changes. In fact, the current generation of pod kits probably bear a minute resemblance to the pioneer products. Now, let's take a look at some of the most significant aspects in the evolution of pod kits.

1.Closed Systems
When pod kits first gained prominence in the market, they had a kind of closed kit design. That is, the pods that came with the kits were pre-filled, hence they could only be used once. Although such a design made the kits low maintenance, the design was heavily afflicted by limited choice of flavors and nicotine strength. Equally of disadvantage was the fact that heavy vapers were going through pods like a hot knife through cheese. This necessitated a complete overhaul in the design of pod kits.

2.Open Systems
In a bid to overcome the challenges of the closed kit system, the open system was invented. This change in design granted vapers the ability to use a single pod over and over again. The new pods were refillable, and owners could simply fill it with an e-liquid of their choice. This presented vapers with the ability to choose their desired flavor and even nicotine levels. Thus, one could opt for e-liquids that had a strong nicotine hit or a modest one. The fact that pods were refillable also made it a cost-effective option for vapers. They could easily keep and reuse their old pods even when there is a change in their desired flavors and nicotine levels.

Pod kits like SMOK NOVO, Suorin Drop and Smoking Vapor MiPod had huge success with the open systems design. They still remain popular, especially among new vapers, because they offer a variety of flavors, longer lasting batteries and pods.

3.Sub Ohm-Friendly Kits
Initially, pod kits were targeted at new vapers, therefore, they had lower batteries averaging around 450Mah and packed lower hit. This made them completely uninviting to advanced vapers who wanted a more satisfying hit while still enjoying the advantage of a compact device that was easier to carry around. Manufacturers observed this trend and proceeded to produce new pod kits. The new pod kits were delicately engineered to a balance in such a way that it could work for both new and advanced vapers. The new pod kits packed larger batteries -around 950Mah - and with that came more power. Sub ohm users now had kits that supported more rapid heat transfer which guarantees more vapor, more satisfying hit and improved flavor.

4.Replaceable Coils
Refillable pods were marvelous inventions, but replaceable coils are even more marvelous than some dry herb vaporizers. Evolution in pod kits have gotten to a stage in which you could get a replacement coil and swap it for a worn-out coil in the vape kit without discarding the entire pod. That ability to change coils also means you could start your vaping experience with regular, plus ohm vaping and then proceed to sub ohm vaping if you want while still using the same vaping kit. New coils with different fibres that carry taste differently have now been invented and you can select one that gives you just the right taste.

How To Use A Pod Kit
Despite progressive innovations in the batteries, coils and choices of pod kits, they still remain remarkably easy to use. Ease of use represents one of the key selling pints of pod kits and they still maintain this simplicity. However, here are some important guidelines for using a pod kit:

1.Pre-filled Pod Kits
They are the easiest to use. All you need to do is click a pre-filled pod into place, then inhale to vape or activate the battery by simply pressing the firing button.

2.Open Pod Kits
Here you need to fill up your pod with an e-liquid of your choosing. Then allow it to settle for about 10-15 minutes so that the coil can soak up the liquid. Allowing the coil to be saturated first improves the flavor of your vape and also helps the coil to last longer.

3.Intermediate Pod Kits
Using intermediate pod kits require you to be much more attentive. Below is how to get the best experience from your intermediate pod kits:

·Prime your coil by dripping e-liquid over the wicking material inside the coil and letting it settle. If you have a replaceable coil, you can fully saturate it before clicking it into place.

·Always check the battery level. If it's low, have it charged before use. Having a spare battery is also necessary.

·The coil determines the e-liquid that can go into your refillable pods. For instance, plus ohm coils (more than 1.0 ohm) commonly requires 50:50 e-liquids while sub ohm coils (less than 1.0 ohms) require e-liquids that are 60% or more VG.

·Click the pod into place and adjust the wattage. Increase the power if you intend to use a sub ohm coil and reduce it if you would be using a plus ohm coil. Adjusting the power as necessary will improve the flavor of your vaping and also prevent coil burnout.

·Finally, inhale or press and hold the firing button to begin vaping.

When pod kits were initially invented, they were specifically targeted at new vapers who recently discovered vaping. But with the improvements in the chipsets, coils and batteries of pod kits, intermediate, and even advanced users can now get a pod kit that fits their specific needs.