What Causes Vape Dry Hits and How to Avoid Them

Are you tired of vape dry hits that leave a burning sensation in your throat? It’s a common problem among vapers that’s easily overcome with a few simple tips. But before you can say goodbye to dry hits forever, you need to understand what causes them in the first place.

Don’t worry if you’re dry vaping due to lack of experience. With practice, you can reduce the chances of a dry vape so that each hit is a positive sensation. The following tips are simple to follow and will result in tastier vapes to boot.

What is a Vape Dry Hit?
A dry hit is that extremely unpleasant sensation in your mouth you may have felt from time to time while vaping. It happens because there isn’t enough e-juice in the wicking material or cotton to saturate. The problem can happen to anyone, even experienced vapers who’ve been enjoying the hobby for years.

A dry hit isn’t pleasant and you’ll know it when it happens. Don’t ignore the first signs of a dry hit. The sensations associated with it will become more unpleasant if you continue taking hits without adding moisture to the wick. Vaping requires some skill, so you’ll become better at spotting dry hits and, ultimately, avoiding them altogether in the future.

What Causes Dry Hits?
The most common cause of dry hits is the lack of a fully saturated atomizer. Moisture levels decrease while vaping, so you cannot vape indefinitely without topping up the coil. The wicking material heats up and burns when it doesn’t have enough e-juice, resulting in a lousy flavor that cannot be resolved by simply adding more e-juice. You’ll need to get rid of the wick and replace it with a new one to remove that burnt taste.

The wicking material itself isn’t the offender in this case, as most are unflavored. It’s the burning of the wick that’s problematic and is the fault of the operator. Read the next section to learn how you can avoid vape dry hits so you don’t have to experience that nasty burning sensation ever again.

How to Avoid Dry Vaping
The only way to ensure that you never draw another dry vape in your life is to follow the proper precautions. A sound approach allows you to enjoy every vaping session without worry. Here are our top tips to avoid dry vaping:

Don’t vape too often: You may not want to hear this first tip, but vaping too often can lead to a higher frequency of dry hits. Chain vaping with high voltage reduces the saturation of the cotton rapidly.

But just how often is too often? A difficult question to answer, given that vaping can be different for everyone. The best way to know you might be reaching your limit is when the nicotine starts to cause unpleasant side effects (for many, it’s a combination of nausea and headaches). Keep the experience positive by vaping within your limits. The chances of a dry hit increase when you notice these signs of over-vaping.

Saturate the wick: Want to neutralize the chances of a dry hit? Saturate the coil frequently. You can also opt for a bottom-fill clearomizer tank, which is designed to keep coil moisture at a consistently sufficient level.

Buy a new vaping kit: Your vaping kit might be sabotaging your experience because it has worn itself out or has a design flaw. Quality vaping kits keep moisture trapped in the chamber, meaning you won’t have to re-moisten every minute of the vaping process. Don’t bother struggling with a vaping kit that has seen better days. Invest in an upgraded model backed by excellent customer reviews.
Buying a new vaping kit also allows you to try out new methods of vaping. It’s a chance to invest in new flavors and expand your vaping experience. All of this will help you turn the problem of dry hits into a distant memory.

Prime the coil: It’s important to prime the coil on the first hit. Otherwise, you might damage a completely new coil if there isn’t enough e-juice. It can happen when you have a replaceable coil set up and have installed a brand new one.

The correct method of replacing a coil is to let a few drops of e-juice fall on the exposed wick. Wait for the wick to absorb the e-juice and repeat to add more moisture. Use your judgment to figure out how much e-juice is needed (you’ll get better at this through experience). Too much e-juice is just as bad because you might flood the atomizer. Your vaping setup will be useless until you can get rid of the excess moisture.

Once you’ve added the right amount of moisture, keep the setup upright for 7-10 minutes. You may notice that most instruction guides suggest to hold this position for only 4-5 minutes. But erring on the side of caution here may save you some trouble.

Break the coil: This method is only applicable to advanced setups in which the user has access to wattage control. Vapers with this feature can significantly reduce the frequency of vape dry hits. You’ll find the ideal wattage range of the setup on the box. It’s important to stick to this range to avoid dry hits.

When the vape kit is new, however, you need to break it in. The idea is similar to warming up before playing sports or going to the gym. You need to complete a few hits that are under the wattage requirement range. Turning down the power allows the setup to iron out a few kinks before regular use.

Another method of breaking in the coil is by inhaling without firing up the vaping device. The process of sucking will cause the wick to absorb more moisture. It’s a handy step if you’ve had trouble completely engulfing the wick in the applied e-juice.

Reduce the VG: Cloud-chasers love to use vegetable glycerin—a.k.a. VG—to get a smooth vape, but this substance isn’t ideal for your coil. The thickness of it causes absorption problems. The strain from VG e-juice can be too much for your coil, so you’ll need to reduce the amount you use.

Keep the tank topped up: It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many vapers neglect to top up their tank. Tanks that run low cause the wick to not be fully submerged, leading to dry vaping, and higher frequency of it, as the tank runs lower.
The first step to keeping the tank topped up is to buy more e-juice than you think you’ll need. Having an emergency stockpile of e-juice means you won’t attempt to save any for the future and cause the tank to drain.

Set up the device correctly: The coil might be shorting out at some part of the process, which can lead to malfunctions when operating the device. You need to check the resistance of the coil when the power is on and off. Is there a difference in resistance? If so, then you need to see whether the device has been correctly set up.

Vaping is an enjoyable experience if you do it correctly. Dry hits are a nuisance that most vapers face. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Follow the guidelines in this article and you’ll stand a great chance of not inhaling another dry hit again.

To summarize, here are the steps to follow:

·Don’t vape too often, as this may lead to a higher frequency of dry vapes.
·Saturate the wick completely before you begin taking hits.
·Switch up your vaping kit if you’re experiencing too many dry hits with your current one.
·Prime the coil by adding the correct amount of e-juice to the wick, but don’t add too much.
·Break the coil in to ease into each vaping session by starting with a low-wattage setting.
·Reduce the amount of VG in your coil setup if you’re a regular user of the thicker liquid.
·Keep the tank topped up and set the device up correctly.

The above points can help all kinds of vapers, from noobs to the most experienced. You may find further tips that contribute to a lower frequency of dry hits and improve the quality of your vaping enjoyment, but always look to these as your starting point.