Vaping has revolutionized how individuals smoke without the risks associated with tobacco. Vapes give the same satisfaction as cigarettes but with added flavor, taking smoking to the next level.

When it comes to flavor, most individuals only take the e-liquid they use in to consideration. While the juice is important, the coil of the device is equally important. It has the same purpose as the filter in cigarettes, meaning you can amplify the flavor by ensuring you use the best coils for flavor.

Our tips will help you set up your device to enhance flavor and get the most out of it.

Picking the best coils for flavor
It is important to know the function of the coil to understand why it is vital for optimal flavor. The coil is what heats the e-juice resulting in the kick of flavor and vapor. Each coil comes with a specific resistance level; you need to pay close attention to that when selecting the best coils for flavor. Generally, lower resistance coil results in more vapor and flavor while higher resistance provides a cooler vape.

Preference plays a huge role when it comes to picking a coil for optimal flavor. You will need to test out a few different coils to decide which one is ideal for you. First, you need to decide between a top or bottom coil clearomizers.

·TOP-COIL: Not ideal for those that seek flavor. The clearomizer is at the top base of the central stem. This results in the wick having to go against gravity to soak the e-liquid resulting in the loss of flavor due to it not soaking effectively.

·BOTTOM-COIL: The clearomizer lets gravity do most of the work since it is at the bottom of the central stem. The wick easily soaks up the e-liquid resulting in more flavor.

After you’ve decided on a bottom-coil with a low ohm resistance, you need to consider the bore of the atomizer head. These come in different sizes, the larger the bore the more air flows through which results in the loss of flavor. So, you need to consider a small bore for the sub-ohm tank.

If you want truly want the best coils for flavor, you may want to try your hands on rebuildable atomizers. These may not be ideal for beginners because you will need to build your own coil. Some experience with vaping will help you understand how to customize the atomizer to get the most flavor. Once you have some experience and understanding of coils, rebuildable atomizers are your best bet for optimal flavor.

Picking a device with varying wattage and temperature
The settings of your device play a crucial role in the amount of flavor extracted from the e-juice. Each e-juice vaporizes at a different temperature, the setting on your device will determine whether or not the coil can burn at the required temperature for a specific juice. A reason why you need a device with variable wattage and voltage if you truly care about flavor.

You then need to experiment with the temperature to determine the “sweet spot” of each juice. In order to do this, you start with lower settings and increase it slightly until the point you experience the most flavor. This will be the setting you want for optimal flavor for that particular juice. Be sure to run this experiment with all your favorite e-juices.

Limit airflow
To optimize flavor, you need to limit the airflow but you can’t completely shut it off because it will result in low vapor production, ruining your whole vaping experience. The size of the bore coil plays a role in the amount of hit you get. Smaller bore in devices with smaller chamber complement each other to restrict airflow.

Like with wattage and temperature, you will need to experiment to determine how much airflow you should allow for the most flavor. Start low once again and work your way up in airflow settings to get the perfect balance of vapor and flavor.

Pick the right wick material
The wick serves as the medium that soaks up the e-juice for the coil to burn. You apply the wick directly on to the coil so once it soaks up the e-juice, the coil burns it for flavor and vapor.

You can find numerous types of wicks in the market from organic cotton balls to silica wicks. When deciding on which wick is right, you want to pick a material that easily soaks up the e-juice while limiting leakages. You should look for wick made out of modern ceramic or high-quality cotton if you’re chasing flavor. These effectively soak up the e-liquid and enable the coil to optimize flavor. You can read more about this in our article about the best vape cotton.

Start using higher PG juices
E-juices come with a PG/VG ratio. The ratio defines the propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin content of the juice. While that may go above most users' heads, it essentially gives you the ratio of flavor, PG, the liquid contains, and the vapor it produces, VG.
So, if you are chasing flavor, it is better to opt for juices that have a higher PG ratio to VG. The higher level of PG will result in the flavor hitting your throat, which you may not like.

Experiment with the level of PG to determine the amount that you prefer. Most vapers will opt for a 50/50 ratio for an equal mix of flavor and vapor. For those that chase flavor, the ratio will likely not be enough

Maintain your device and its parts
Maintaining your device is important for optimal flavor. You need to make sure that every part of your device is properly cleaned after you vape. After all, you wouldn’t eat food in a dirty, used plate, would you?

You need to start with the wick and coil. It may be a bit excessive to change the coil and wick after every time you vape but you should check it to see if it still appears to be functional. Ideally, a person that vapes regularly should change the wick every two days. When you change the wick and coil, be sure to also rinse out the atomizer so it functions on enhancing the flavor of the juice you use next time around.

As far as the tank of the device goes, you can rinse it with hot water. Make sure you allow it to dry thoroughly before you use it again. For optimal flavor, its important that you take out time to clean and maintain your device and its components.

Consider the bore tip size
Most vaping devices favor bores with a wider tip in tank and atomizers. This is because wider bore tips result in more vapor, something most vapers prefer. Wide tips are not ideal if you are chasing flavor. The tip has a lot to do with airflow and producing vapor so the narrower the tip, the more concentrated the juice will be resulting in more flavor as you vape.

Safely store your e-juices
E-juices can lose flavor if you don’t store them properly. Most vapers stock up on e-juices and use them as they please. The longer you store the juice, the more flavor it will lose, especially if you don’t store it properly. Make sure you keep the juice away from light and heat while also limiting exposure to air.

You will also find some e-juices that require “steeping” for enhanced flavoring. To steep the liquid, you need to ensure that you store it in a place that is cool and dark. You will occasionally need to shake the bottle of the juice. The juice will also need to breathe from time to time so the cap will need to open the lid of the bottle for a short period of time.

Avoid vaper’s tongue
Vaper’s tongue is common for those that vape regularly. It is when the flavor from the vape loses its punch due to the vaper constantly smoking it. In a way, your tongue gets so accustomed to the flavor that it can no longer taste it.

The best way to avoid this is to change flavors from time to time. So the tongue doesn’t get too accustomed to one flavor. Once you feel you’ve developed a vaper’s tongue, you can get rid of it by drinking water, sucking on a lemon, or smelling coffee beans.
The whole vaping experience can easily be enhanced, in terms of flavor. You just need to be a bit more familiar with vaping devices and its components. This way you can get the most out of its settings and determine which would be the best coils for flavor when you vape.

It is important that you experiment with different coils, settings, e-juices, and wicks to determine which combination you prefer. Taste is subjective and while you may want stronger flavor, you may not like the intensity of it hitting your throat. Our tips are just guidelines, take them as such and use them to fiddle around to figure out the best vape setup for flavor.