What Are Vape Coils and How Often Should You Replace Them?

If you’re new to the vaping world, it would seem like there are just too many things to think about when buying your first (or second) vape kit—from the vape mod, atomizers, vape coil, tank, wicking materials, and so on.

Among these things, the vape coil is the heart of your kit. It’s something that your vape can’t do without. In this article, we’ll help you keep your tabs on vape coils; how often you should replace them, and how to know when you need a new one.

Vape Coils: What Are They?
It’s common among vaping enthusiasts to use the terms coil and atomizer interchangeably, leading to the common notion that they’re one and the same. But by strict technical definition, an atomizer is anything that generates mist or vapor from a liquid, like your vape liquid or e-juice. Housed inside the atomizer, vape coils form part of your vape’s atomizer head. An atomizer head consists of three main parts; the main body, the vape coil, and the wicking material.

There are various kinds of vape coils that are available today. Each of them affects the function and performance of your vaping unit. The most popular ones are Nickel Coils, Ceramic Coils, Titanium, and Stainless-Steel Coils. And as you have probably guessed, your vape coils can be replaced. These replacement coils are often tagged as atomizers in most vape shops, and this includes a range of brands such as Smok Coils.

Vape Coils: When To Change Them
Depending on the frequency of use, changing the vape coil should be done within the following periods:

·Heavy Vape Users: Those who vape heavily every day should change their coils weekly. A weekly coil change will retain the flavor of the e-juice and keep the vape kit working properly and efficiently.
·Moderate Vapers: These are vapers who either smoke small amounts each day or can simply go on without vaping for long periods of time. As such, the coils are not subjected to heating more often and may require less frequent replacements. Once in every two weeks would do.
·Light Vape Users: Vape users that don’t need daily hits can have their vape coils changed in three to four weeks.

Like other things, vape coils are susceptible to wear and tear. Despite proper care to make your coils last long, the frequency of use and exposure to heat levels, as well as the wattage and voltage, can still affect your vape coil’s life span. For instance, your vape coils and wicking material will easily burn with high wattage and sweet flavors, and as such, would need more frequent replacements.

5 Signs That You Need Vape Coil Replacement
For vaping enthusiasts, these are the signs to watch out for when it comes to coil replacement:

1.The Vape Leaves A Burnt or Weird Taste. This is one of the most common signs that your vape coil is already inefficient and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. No matter the modifications or the type of e-juice you’re buying, a burnt coil will always leave an undesirable after taste.
2.Your Tank is Leaking. A leaky tank can be caused by a myriad of reasons, among them, a damaged coil, worn-out O-rings, and overfilling of e-cigarette juice. A less efficient wicking material can also result in a leaky vape tank, so instead of absorbing the juice, the liquid is left polling around the atomizer when you fire up your device. To know what may be causing it, just pull the vape apart and check.
3.Your Vape Generates Less Vapor. As part of the atomizer head and responsible for producing mist or vapor, a damaged coil tends to become less efficient over time. When your vape produces less vapor, it’s a sign that you might need a replacement.
4.Gurgling Sounds. If you hear gurgling sounds as you inhale from your vape, this could mean that the vape coil is not working properly. A coil change or upgrade may be in order.
5.Discolored Wick. Frequent vaping could likely burn your coil fast, affecting other parts such as the cotton wick. If you try to pick your device apart, you’ll likely notice that the wick is discolored and burnt.

Final Thoughts
While some will argue that vaping has saved young adults from the perils of cigarette smoking, using electronic cigarettes can still pose a risk. There have been a few reported cases wherein vape units have exploded and caused burns to the user.

To avoid this kind of damage, proper handling and maintenance are imperative. Watch out for signs that indicate there might be something wrong with the mod. Lastly, don’t ignore the indications that the coil or other e-cigarette parts may need replacing.