How to Maintain your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry Herb Vaporizers – Marijuana has leaped from an obscure subculture to a vast industry that is attracting the attention of investors, policymakers, and consumers alike. As evidence pointing to the plant’s potential health benefits increases, more people are turning to cannabis to treat a large scope of ailments. As this trend continues, people are opting to consume cannabis via vaporizers rather than the traditional methods in an attempt to eliminate health risks associated with smoking.

Vaporizes come in many different shapes and sizes and work differently depending on which form of cannabis you wish to vape. One such variant that is becoming increasingly popular is dry herb vaporizers. Because vaporizers are intended for repeat use, it is essential to correctly maintain and clean your device to increase its longevity and ensure it remains effective. In this article, we have outlined a few key points necessary to keep your vaporizer in top condition.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?
As the cannabis industry grows, innovations in the plant’s processing and extraction have produced many new forms of marijuana, such as shatter, wax, e-liquid, and rosins. Traditionally, marijuana is smoked in its natural state – the dried flower of the cannabis plant. Dry herb vaporizers are designed for the consumption of this specific form of cannabis. If you’ve never seen a dry herb vaporizer Magic Vaporizers sell a range of them on their website, including some of the most popular brands like Mighty and Storz and Bickel.

Although there are many styles and designs, there are typically two main types of vaporizer – desktop devices powered from an outlet, battery powered, flame or induction powered, and butane powered. All vaporizers have similar components; a fuel source, a metal or ceramic heating chamber, a charging slot or gas refill valve, a mouthpiece, and a filter to prevent the cannabis from being inhaled.

Clean the chamber
Dry herb vaporizers will all have a chamber where the cannabis is stacked and heated. Usually, you can access the heating chamber by removing a cap or lid from the main body of the vaporizers. When cannabis is heated, it sometimes produces an oily resin, and keeping the chamber clean and clear is essential to prolonging the life of your device. It is also necessary to make sure you grind the herb down as much as possible to make sure it heats evenly and effectively.

If your vaporizer has a removable chamber, leaving this to soak in warm soapy water will help to remove any sticky residue. If not, then using a cotton bud dipped in warm water or cleaning alcohol is equally effective. Any resin that becomes stuck to the inside will be easier to remove if you heat the chamber slightly before cleaning.

Then the mouthpiece
This is the part of the vaporizer that you inhale the vape through, and it can quickly become clogged with resin and loose pieces of marijuana that have passed through the filter. Once this happens, it can become tough to inhale the vapor. As this is that part that you are putting in your mouth, it’s wise to clean it regularly even if it doesn’t appear to be dirty or clogged.

As this is the part that is most likely to become jammed, and the one piece that you want to keep as hygienic as possible, most vaporizer mouthpieces are easy to remove and cheap to replace if they become too worn. Again, they can be soaked in warm water and rinsed afterward. If your mouthpiece is not removable, clean the outside with alcohol wipes and use a pipe cleaner to remove any blockages.

Check the filters and vapor path
Most dry herb vaporizers will have a filter that stops the crumbled herb from entering into the device’s airways and from being inhaled by the user. Because these become clogged regularly, most vapes are designed so the filter can be cleaned easily or even removed and replaced entirely. Remove the filter screen, and soak it in warm water until any reside or resin becomes easy to remove.

The vapor path is any airway in the device which the vapor travels through before being inhaled. These can also become sticky and dirty. You can clean the vapor path with a cotton bud or pipe cleaner. Any air intake pathways that channels air before it reaches the heating chamber should not become dirty as quickly as the vapor pathways, so they will need cleaning less often.