What are Clapton Dual Coil Heads?

Clapton coils are a type of coil used in the vaping community, specifically in rebuildable atomizers. Named after the guitarist Eric Clapton due to their visual resemblance to guitar strings, Clapton coils are known for their distinctive design and performance characteristics. So, you can see why vapers enjoy using Clapton coils. However, if you’re still a coil newbie, you probably want to know more about them in order to judge for yourself.

How are Clapton Coils Made?
A Clapton coil is made by wrapping a thinner gauge wire tightly around a thicker core wire. This construction resembles a guitar string, where the core wire acts as the "string" and the wrapped wire looks like the "winding" around it. The primary advantage of this design is the increased surface area compared to a standard straight wire coil.

Materials Needed:
1.Thick gauge wire (core wire): This will form the core of the coil. Commonly used gauges are 24, 26, or 28.

2.Thin gauge wire (wrap wire): This wire is wrapped around the core wire. It's usually much thinner than the core wire, with gauges like 32, 34, or 36 being popular choices.

3.Drill: Used to spin the core wire, making it easier to wrap the thin wire around it.

4.Wire cutters: To cut the wires to the desired length.

5.Pliers: To hold the wires in place.

6.Optional (but helpful): A swivel tool to secure the other end of the core wire, allowing it to spin freely and reduce wire twisting.

·Straighten a piece of your thick gauge wire (the core wire).
·Insert one end of the core wire into the chuck of the drill and tighten it.
·(Optional) Attach the other end of the core wire to a swivel tool. This helps to keep the wire tensioned and straight.

·Cut a long piece of your thin gauge wire (the wrap wire). The length can vary, but it should be long enough to cover the entire length of your core wire multiple times.

·Hold the end of the wrap wire against the core wire with your hand or with pliers.
·Start the drill at a slow and consistent speed.
·Guide the wrap wire onto the core wire. The goal is to wrap it tightly and evenly, with each coil of the wrap wire touching the previous coil without overlapping.

·As the drill spins, use your hand or pliers to maintain slight tension on the wrap wire.
·Pay attention to the angle at which the wrap wire meets the core wire. This angle helps determine how tight and even the wraps will be.

·Once you’ve reached the end of the core wire, or once you’ve achieved the desired length of Clapton wire, stop the drill.
·Cut the remaining wrap wire and make sure the ends are not protruding.

·Carefully remove the Clapton wire from the drill.
·Use wire cutters to trim any excess or loose ends.
·Your Clapton coil is now ready to be installed in your vaping device.

Extra Tips:
1.Practice Makes Perfect: Making a perfect Clapton coil often requires practice. Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts aren't perfect.

2.Tension Control: Maintaining the right tension on the wrap wire is crucial. Too much tension can cause the wire to snap or wrap unevenly, while too little can lead to loose coils.

3.Speed Control: Start with a slow drill speed until you get the hang of it. As you become more proficient, you can increase the speed.

What are the Benefits of Clapton Coils?
Vapers use Clapton coils for several reasons, primarily because of the enhanced vaping experience they offer compared to standard coils. To get a bit more in-depth, there are some key features and benefits of Clapton coils.

Benefit #1: Increased Surface Area
The spiral wrapping increases the surface area that comes into contact with the e-liquid. This allows for more e-juice to be vaporized at once, resulting in increased vapor production and potentially more flavor.

Benefit #2: Flavor Enhancement
Many vapers report that Clapton coils provide a noticeable improvement in flavor. This is believed to be due to the texture of the coil providing more nooks and crannies for the e-juice to sit in, as well as the larger surface area.

Benefit #3: Heat Retention
Clapton coils tend to retain heat for longer periods due to their mass. This can be beneficial for maintaining a consistent temperature, but it also means that the coil may stay hot longer after you've stopped vaping.

Benefit #4: Reduced Spitback
Yes, the design of Clapton coils can also help in reducing spitback (when droplets of hot e-liquid pop and spit out of the coil). You see, the texture of the coil means that vape juice is less likely to pool and more likely to vaporize efficiently.

Benefit #5: Versatility
Clapton coils can be made with various types of wire (such as Kanthal, Nichrome, or Stainless Steel), and the core and wrap wires can be of different gauges. This allows for customization according to the vaper's preference for resistance, ramp-up time, and other factors.

What are the Drawbacks of Clapton Coils?
However, there are also some drawbacks to consider:
1.Longer Ramp-Up Time: Due to the increased mass, Clapton coils may take longer to heat up compared to standard coils.

2.Increased E-Juice Consumption: Because Clapton coils vaporize e-liquid at a higher rate, they tend to use up e-liquid more quickly than simpler coil builds. Thus, leading to more frequent refilling of your tank or dripping onto your RDA.

3.More Battery Power Required: Clapton coils require more power to heat up due to their increased mass and surface area. This can lead to increased battery consumption, potentially reducing your device's battery life between charges.

4.Complexity in Building: Building Clapton coils can be more challenging and time-consuming than basic coil builds. It may require more skill and experience to create and install them properly.

5.Maintenance: Clapton coils can accumulate gunk and residue from e-liquids more quickly due to their intricate design. This can necessitate more frequent cleaning and maintenance to maintain optimal performance.

6.Price: Pre-made Clapton coils or Clapton wire spools are often more expensive than standard round wire, which can be a drawback for those on a budget.
Despite these factors, many vapers prefer Clapton coils for their performance benefits, especially when it comes to flavor and vapor production.

What About Using Clapton Dual Coil Heads Then?
If you really like what a single Clapton coil head can do, then you need to try two of them. A Clapton Dual Coil Head consists of two Clapton coils placed side by side within the atomizer or tank of a vape device. Each Clapton coil itself is made by wrapping a thinner gauge wire (usually Kanthal or nichrome) tightly around a thicker core wire (often Kanthal or stainless steel). This design increases the surface area of the coil that comes into contact with the e-liquid, which in turn leads to improved vaporization and flavor.

The dual coil configuration further enhances these benefits, as it effectively doubles the surface area and the amount of vapor produced compared to a single coil setup. This results in denser clouds of vapor and a richer flavor profile. However, it's worth noting that dual coil setups typically require more power from the vape device and may drain the battery faster.

Clapton Dual Coil Heads are often available as pre-made coil replacements for specific tank systems, making it easier for vapers to enjoy the advantages of Clapton coils without the need for advanced coil-building skills. Vapers can simply purchase these coil heads, install them into their tanks, and start vaping.

Overall, Clapton Dual Coil Heads are Certainly Worth Exploring!
Clapton coils are just one type of many specialized coil designs used by vaping enthusiasts to enhance their vaping experience, with each type offering different benefits and trade-offs. Essentially, Clapton coils can enhance the vaping experience once again by increasing surface area, which allows for more e-liquid to be vaporized at once. This typically results in increased vapor production and flavor. However, they also require more power and can take longer to heat up compared to standard coils, so keep that in mind if you opt to use them.