Sweet, Sour, Fruity or Even “Flavorless” Tinctures – The Choice is Yours!

For those in the market for CBD oil tinctures, you must choose your product wisely, as they do vary. First of all, you have to know how to choose the right milligram strength for your needs. Also, you have to consider the company from which to purchase, as different companies make slightly different formulas.

Another thing that’s very important to consider is the flavor experience that you’d like to have with your CBD tincture. Believe it or not, the tincture’s taste may also have a lot to do with whether or not you have a positive CBD experience.

Flavored vs. “Unflavored” Tinctures – Does It Matter?
First, let’s talk about the difference between flavored and unflavored tinctures, as the term unflavored can be a bit misleading here. Anyone who has used cannabis before knows that this plant has a very distinctive and uniquely strong taste and aroma. Cannabis in its natural form has an earthy, citrusy and herbal flavor profile, and some even compare it to the smell of a skunk.

Therefore, unflavored tinctures are not flavorless or odorless. In fact, an unflavored tincture will give you that strong taste that’s natural to the hemp plant. So, before you decide whether you wish to go with a flavored or unflavored tincture, ask yourself if you like the taste of hemp on its own.

Now, flavored tinctures will still likely have some traces of the natural taste of hemp in them. But they’ll also contain additional flavoring ingredients. Many first-time users prefer flavored tinctures because they don’t know whether or not they’ll enjoy the taste of hemp in its natural form.

What’s most important is that you go with a flavor choice that’s most suitable to your palate. If you want to make CBD part of your daily regimen, you’re going to want to enjoy the taste of it, as otherwise, you may lose your motivation to take it regularly.

What’s in a Tincture?
An unflavored CBD tincture typically contains two ingredients: hemp extract, which contains CBD, and a carrier oil, such as hempseed oil (not to be confused with hemp oil) or MCT oil, which comes from coconuts. Flavored CBD tinctures contain these two ingredients with the addition of flavoring extracts. Flavoring extracts can come from different sources and can be artificial or natural in origin. Some flavored tinctures contain many flavoring extracts, while others contain only one.

Different Types of Tincture Flavors Out There
Now, let’s briefly discuss the main categories of CBD tincture flavors that are available on the market today.

·Candies – Candy flavors are very popular among those who have a sweet tooth. They allow the user to enjoy the taste of their favorite candies, only without taking in all of the sugar that a real candy contains. This allows a person to give their body the CBD that it loves, while also keeping their sweet tooth’s cravings at bay.

·Fruit – Fruity flavors are very popular as well, and the taste of fruit seems to go well with the natural taste of hemp. Fruit flavors vary, with some containing a large variety of fruit extracts, and some tasting like one single fruit. If you’re a fan of fresh fruits, you’ll likely find fruit-flavored CBD tinctures refreshing.

·Mint – Minty flavors are great because they blend with the taste of CBD very well. After all, hemp and mint share some compounds, so the mint taste seems to complement hemp. Minty tinctures tend to be clean-tasting and very invigorating, not to mention refreshing.

·Desserts – Dessert flavors are excellent for users who love to indulge in rich and decadent desserts and want to be able to satisfy their cravings without all of the calories. You can find many different dessert-flavored tinctures on the market, ranging from freshly baked cookies to lemony pound cakes. The possibilities are endless.

·Unflavored – As we explained earlier, they do actually have a flavor to them. Unflavored tinctures don’t contain any flavoring extracts, which gives the user the full taste of hemp in its natural form.

Selecting the Right Tincture Flavor for Your Needs
Now, let’s talk about how to choose the right flavor.

Tip #1: Know Your Palate
First, know what your palate likes and what it doesn’t like. For instance, if you don’t like sour candies, why would you buy a sour candy tincture flavor?

Tip #2: Check the Ingredients
Check the ingredients if you have allergies to certain flavoring agents, or if certain ones just don’t agree with your palate.

Tip #3: Start Simple
We suggest starting off with a simpler flavor, like a single fruit or pure mint. This allows your palate to adjust to the combination of one flavor with the natural taste of hemp.

Additional Question/Tip: Can You Combine Flavors?
Technically, you can mix together two flavors, but if you’re going to do that, make sure that the milligram strength and type of CBD extract are the same.

CBD Oil Tinctures Come in All Different Sizes, Strengths, and, Yes, Flavors!
Now that you understand the importance of selecting a flavor, as ending up with a flavor that doesn’t agree with your palate can make you not want to take your hemp daily, keep all these tips handy. Remember, it’s all about preference after all.