Voopoo Vinci Q Review: Less is More!

Product intro and specs
The Vinci Q is one of Voopoo’s latest beginner-friendly pod systems. In fact, it’s probably the most beginner-focused product to ever come out of Voopoo’s catalog. Think of it as a stripped-down version of the original Vinci pod, with no airflow adjustment and a slightly larger battery.

The Q takes replaceable 2 mL pods, houses a 900 mAh battery, and is draw and button-activated. It charges through Type-C, comes in six “macaroon” colors, and is priced very competitively (you can get the kit for $19.99 and, at the time of publication, get a Zovoo Dragbar for only an additional $1).

In a sea of pod vapes, does the Vinci Q have what it takes to be a part of the best pod vape conversation? Keep reading to find out.

Price: $19.99 (at Element Vape)
Colors: Crystal blue, vibrant orange, ceramic white, seagull grey, moss green, charming pink.

·Dimensions: 96 mm x 25 mm x 15.7 mm
·Weight: 40 grams
·Materials: PC & ABS
·Output power: 15 watts
·Output voltage: 3.2-4.2 volts
·Resistance: 0.3-3.0 ohm
·Battery capacity: 900 mAh

Kit contents
·1 x Vinci Q pod device
·1 x Vinci pod cartridge 1.2 ohm (top-fill)
·1 x Type-C cable
·1 x User manual

Build quality and design

The Vinci Q is almost entirely made out of plastic, but at the same time, it feels very well built. When I took it out of the box, I was impressed with how lightweight it felt. At 40 grams with a full pod on, it’s only 2 grams heavier than the KOKO V2. That’s impressive since the Vinci may be compact, but it sure is larger than the KOKO.

At first, I didn’t appreciate the plastic button, but it kinda grew on me. And giving the device a close inspection, the ABS/PC construction is flawless, and the see-through-ish edges of the device give it a unique look. Plus, the LED light looks awesome as it disperses under the top layer of plastic.

The pod also has a high-quality vibe to it. It is clear and the bottom is almost entirely visible, which is the best design for monitoring e-liquid levels. The 1.2-ohm pod that comes with the device is top fill and it adopts the filling design of the Caliburn series with a push-to-remove mouthpiece.

There’s also a 0.8-ohm top fill pod and both resistance options come in side-fill editions—which are the pods that were used with the original Vinci pod and the Drag Nano. The top-fill pod works as advertised, with the only minor complaint being that the sealing plug feels a bit flimsy. I never faced any issues with it, but it does look like it may come off easily.

Getting started

The Vinci Q may as well be the easiest Voopoo device to operate. It’s absolutely stripped of features and there are no button combinations or adjustments to talk about.

Just take the mouthpiece off by pushing it on its flat side, remove the sealing plug, fill the pod with juice, and set the device aside for five minutes. You may need to tilt the pod a bit when filling, especially if your juice is thicker than 50/50. Then push the fire button five times to turn the device on. You can vape by pushing the button or straight up inhaling on the mouthpiece.

The Vinci Q takes replaceable pods, so just repeat the process with a new pod when you feel that your vape is not up to par—or just replace it proactively after a week of daily use.


One thing is for sure: pod vapes have come a long way! After reviewing three Caliburn pods in a row, I did feel spoiled and didn’t expect to be impressed by a pod any time soon. But the Vinci Q is a real contender in the category, and in some ways, it comes on top of all the basic pod systems I’ve reviewed.

First off, the (non-adjustable) draw on the Vinci Q is the perfect MTL draw for me. It is maybe a hair tighter than the KOKO V2, and it is boosted by one of the best sensors I’ve ever tried. The Q produces warm and flavorful vapor with minimum effort, and it activates instantly. In fact, it is so warm that 25 mg salt felt overwhelming on it—and that’s with the 1.2-ohm pod. I don’t expect to be able to go over 20 mg on the 0.8-ohm pod.

With only one device sent for a review, I only had the opportunity to test one pod, so I can’t actually tell you how it does with different kinds of juices. It performed great with 50/50 25 mg salt and I went through eight fills (16 mL) out of it before having to replace the pod. With clean regular nic juice, I’d expect to get at least a couple more fills. Also, no leaks, and almost no condensation at the contacts. I only had a tiny bit of flooding when refilling, which went away after a couple of puffs.

Battery life and charging

Battery life is another area where the Vinci Q excels. It houses a 900 mAh battery, which is impressive for its size and weight. And it doesn’t seem to be overrated, as it can go through 4.5 mL of juice before having to recharge. It does take 75 minutes to fully charge, but comparing it to the KOKO V2 (45 minutes to charge, 2.5 mL on a charge) and the Caliburn A2 (52 minutes, 3 mL,) the Vinci Q seems like a winner in the battery category. Note that it doesn’t support passthrough, so you’ll need to unplug it if you want to take a hit.

As for battery indication, things were kept at a minimum. The LED that surrounds the fire button will light up green if the device is above 30% and red if it is below. A third level would have been nice, but you still have a lot of hits after the red light appears, so no major complaints here. But I would have liked the light to be a bit more visible in broad daylight. It’s practically impossible to check battery levels in the outdoors. Outside of that, I have no other complaints as far as battery goes.

Pros / Cons
·Good build quality
·Discreet design and color options
·Compact and lightweight
·Pod is almost fully visible
·Top and side-fill pod options
·Very easy to use
·Draw and button activation
·Comfortable MTL draw
·Sensitive draw sensor
·Warm and flavorful vapor production
·Long-lasting pods (16+ mL)
·No leaking
·Excellent battery life (4.5 mL)
·Very affordable

·Top-filling plug seems flimsy
·Only one pod included (1.2 ohm)
·Could charge a bit faster (75 minutes)
·LED barely visible outdoors
·No pass-thru


I have tried a lot of pod vapes during the last couple of years, and I sometimes find it hard to single out the things that make some of them shine above the rest. And the fact that most of them are great performers makes my job even harder. But in the case of the Voopoo Vinci Q, it’s actually easy. If you are looking for one of the easiest vapes to operate and want the best bang for your buck, look no further.

The Q is a stellar performer, goes toe to toe against the best of them in flavor, has excellent battery life, and is stripped of all the features that beginner vapers may find unnecessary. It is a great first vape, and an excellent gift for a smoker—or someone who’s been using prefilled devices and disposables but wants to cut down on the costs. In fact, it’s a great vape, period!

Highly recommended.