New Year’s Resolution: Making the Switch Easier

It’s that time of the year when everybody is giving it another shot at quitting smoking, but this time, for good! Though nicotine vape juice is an effective way to satisfy your cigarette cravings, it can be difficult to commit; sometimes it just doesn’t hit the same way. In this blog post, we share some tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you make your transition to vaping a whole lot easier so you can enjoy a smoke-free 2022.

Pick the Right Nicotine
At the beginning of your vaping journey, it’s helpful to make it resemble the smoking experience as much as possible. This starts with picking the right type of nicotine. There are two different types of nicotine vape juice, each delivering a different vaping experience.

Freebase nicotine is what likely comes to mind when most people think about vaping. This is the liquid used to create those enormous, flavourful clouds of vapour. This requires a powerful device with a sub-ohm coil, which isn’t the ideal option for a new vaper. Sub-ohm vaping can get a bit complicated and delivers a much harsher nicotine hit, compared to what you’re familiar with. Using the right type of vape juice to simulate the traditional smoking sensation is crucial to an effective transition. Nicotine salts have been extremely successful for smokers who have previously not had any luck with the bigger sub-ohm vapes on the market. If you’re trying to stop smoking in NZ, you’ll have more luck with nicotine salt vape juice.

Salted nicotine—how it’s naturally found in the tobacco leaf—delivers higher levels of nicotine, along with a smoother feeling throat hit. Nicotine salt liquids are generally designed to be used in smaller, low-wattage pod systems with a coil 1.0Ω or higher. Unlike freebase vape juice and sub-ohm devices, pod vapes have a tighter draw that accurately mirrors the physical feeling of taking a draw from a cigarette.

Choose Your Ideal Flavour
Most vapers will have their favourite go-to flavour, usually something like Ice Cola, which is a delicious flavour, but that would probably be more helpful if you were trying to quit soft drinks. There’s a huge range of tobacco vape juices, each providing a slight variation on the tobacco flavour. Whatever strength or flavour cigarette you used to smoke; you can find it as a vape juice—regular, light, rich, rum, menthol, & more. There’s something to satisfy every smoker.

Using the tobacco flavours that you’re familiar with will make it easier to turn to the vape rather than a pack of smokes. Eventually, when you feel like the transition is becoming easier, you can start branching out with some new flavours. If you don’t enjoy tobacco juices as much as the real thing, then think about your other favourite flavours. If there’s a certain taste that you find irresistible, see if you can find it as a vape juice, it’ll make reaching for the vape much more tempting.

Keep Your Ritual
Once you’ve decided to grab a vape and give quitting smoking another shot, it helps to stick to your routine. Most smokers will have a ritual, like having a cigarette with their morning coffee. Others like to take 10-minutes from work and sit in the sun to enjoy their cigarette. Sticking to these habits and rituals will make the transition feel a lot easier, eventually getting your mind and body used to the slightly different sensation.

Many people choose to vape indoors, in bed, in the kitchen, wherever they are, really, but it’s better to stick with what you’re used to. Taking 5-minutes to sit and vape outside will save you from picking up the habit of vaping indoors or vaping more than you would smoke. Rituals help to keep things familiar and comfortable for the (ex)smoker.

Don’t be too Hard on Yourself
Self-control is essential to making the switch, but you should never be too hard on yourself. At the end of the day, any addiction is difficult to escape, so even just purchasing your first vape device is an enormous leap to make. Smokers attempting to quit will likely slip up eventually, but there is no need to discredit your efforts. You’ll get there eventually. It takes time, practice, and commitment. Try a few different variations of the available flavours. After all, it’s cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. If you keep trying, you’re not failing, just give it another shot.

Enjoy Your Smokefree Lifestyle
What are you waiting for? Grab your pod starter kit and start your smoke-free journey today! If you need some extra support on your vaping journey, we can help.