Vaporesso: The Apple Of Vaping?

Since its establishment in 2015 by Simon Lai, Vaporesso has rapidly gained market share in the vaping industry. Perhaps that’s no surprise – the company itself is a subsidiary of Smoore. Valued at 25 billion dollars, Smoore is the largest e-cigarette company in the world, meaning Vaporesso has some serious backing behind it!

In this post we’ll look at what makes the company different, why they have been successful, the technology behind their products and some of the most popular Vaporesso devices.

Vaporesso at a glance

What makes Vaporesso stand out from other brands?

Vaporesso has succeeded in winning market share in a crowded market. This is due to a combination of factors. First, they have won a reputation for creating devices that are reliable with a high-quality finish, and that’s certainly what Thallia, Marketing Director of Vaporesso, emphasised to us when we interviewed her:

If you look at our products, the designs are extremely sleek and stylish compared to competitors, the branding is subtle and luxury. We like to think of Vaporesso as the APPLE of vaping. The vapes are on the more luxury side of the market for people who like the finer things in life. The branding is subtle and stylish…

Vaporesso are obviously keen to emphasise the branding and quality of their devices, but I think there’s more to their success. One key thing I think they have got right is communicating with – and listening to – both retailers and vapers. 

Vaporesso also put a team into the countries they supply for weeks at a time, and during that time the team will meet with vapers, retailers and companies. I remember our own meeting with them, in which we fielded questions about devices and trends for several hours! What’s gratifying is that they do listen to this feedback, and I’ve known them to incorporate changes into devices to ensure they match users’ needs. 

Any vape company that wants to win market share in the 2020s also needs to be across the increasingly complex technology of vaping. (Ironically, you often need that complex technology to create easy-to-use devices.) Spending over $450 million dollars on R&D a year, and with 5 research laboratories, it’s no surprise Vaporesso are doing well here, with over 1000 vaping patents to their name. 

Spending money is one thing, but results are another. After all, in the past we have seen major tobacco companies spend huge amounts on R&D with mediocre results. 

As with every vape manufacturer, not every device Vaporesso has created has been a winner, and I struggled to get on with some of their first pod systems and mods. However, since those early days Vaporesso has produced some great devices while also introducing a number of innovative features such as intelligent temperature control. 

The company also gets a lot of the basics right. In fact, when I talked to other vapers while writing this article, several mentioned Vaporesso coils – and how much longer they last than those from other manufacturers. 

A lot of this seems to be coming together at the moment. In fact, last year our product manager declared the Vaporesso Target 100, with its innovative F(t) mode, the best device he had tried for flavour.

What technology is Vaporesso most proud of?

One area Vaporesso is currently innovating is Corex Coil technology.  

Corex technology uses a patented Morph-Mesh Structure that enables increased heat. The Corex coil also contains cumulus cotton, formed by a complex microfibre structure, which can deliver more e-liquid to the coil than other cottons. 

A combination of being able to absorb heat without burning the coil and delivering more e-liquid to the coil, should mean devices using Corex tech can produce more vapour. In fact, Vaporesso claims it increases vapour production by about 30%, even when used at lower wattages. That’s great for cloud vapers, who can enjoy both denser vapour and a more intense flavour. 

Vaporesso also tells us they are particularly proud of the Axon chip which is the brain behind their devices, and their leakproof technology. While the latter might not sound exciting, leaks have been the downfall of many otherwise great vape tanks and is an important fundamental to get right. 

Corex technology can be found in the new GEN PT60/80 S and LUXE X devices.

Who/what type of person are Vaporesso products for?
Vaporesso is not a niche producer. Instead, they aim to provide a range of devices that suit everyone from beginners to advanced vapers. 

The success of devices such as the XROS and the Target range shows they have hit the mark with categories such as pods, pod mods and mods. However, one area I haven’t yet seen them make an impact, at least in the UK, is disposable devices. 

What is Vaporesso’s most popular device?

The most popular Vaporesso device so far is the Vaporesso Xros Mini. In fact, it’s the first device I’ve seen for a while which has made a serious dent in sales of the popular (but ageing) Aspire PockeX.

There’s a combination of factors that have come together for Xros Mini. While it’s not perfect (it doesn’t offer the auto-cut off feature that the XROS 2 has), it does have great taste and excellent form factor.

It’s also easy to use. That’s particularly important at the current stage of vaping’s evolution, as many people are being introduced to vaping for the first time via disposable devices, and complicated devices just won’t cut it as a next step for these new users.

And let’s face it – the low price of this device has undoubtedly helped its popularity, especially with the cost of living crisis really starting to impact incomes.

What’s new for 2022?

New for 2022 sees the already mentioned  Vaporesso GEN PT60 and 80 S.

I’ve had the PT80 S on my desk at work for a while. This is a good all-round pod mod and I’ve been impressed so far. I particularly like the integrated airflow and top filling system. To fill the tank, you simply twist the airflow round. This closes the airflow holes and opens up a port for filling the device. That makes it quick and easy to fill, and as you have to twist the airflow back to vape, there’s no chance of you leaving the hole open. 

Thallia also told me that the leak-free technology with this device (​​Double Top, Triple S, Quadra leak resistance) is an industry first of its kind. 

Looking ahead: What can consumers expect from Vaporesso in the future? 
Unfortunately, although not surprisingly, Vaporresso were coy about what’s under development right now but told us to expect from them:

…to move beyond the ordinary.  As a brand and a company that looks to go beyond the ordinary, exceed expectations, and make a mark on the industry. We put our all into everything we do as a company. We make no compromises and only hold ourselves accountable for our quest to improve, grow and flourish.

Any vape manufacturer is only as good as its latest device. But the combination of R&D, a focus on quality and the ability to respond to customer needs mean that Vaporesso is certainly worth keeping your eye on!