It can be overwhelming as a newcomer to get into vaping, especially since there’s a wide selection of products that can optimise your vaping experience. From specialised atomisers to custom vape kits, there’s a mod component out there that can give you the perfect sweet spot for your vape cravings. A recent development in vaping technology is the introduction of e-juices with nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts are the newest trend that allows vapers to expand their vaping experience. It’s an additive that allows you to vape at higher nicotine levels without exhausting your throat from your vaping session. This lets you get a stronger kick from nicotine without putting too much strain on your body. To understand how nicotine salts can improve your vaping experience, you need to realise what it improves from the standard freebase formula. 

Knowing what’s inside your vape juice
The main ingredient in your vape juice is freebase nicotine, meaning that it retains a pure form, unlike other nicotine derivatives. When heated, it delivers a stronger amount of nicotine and makes it easily absorbable in your lungs and brain.

This vape intake method was founded by Philip Morris in the 1960s, long before vaping is as widespread as it is now. By altering pH levels in nicotine, he found that he can make his cigarette products deliver a heightened dose of nicotine than what his competitors’ products can offer. It’s a breakthrough in smoking technologies that made the proper transition of being integral to vaping kits.

Discovering nicotine salt’s innovation
Nicotine salt is the organic formulation of nicotine derived from tobacco leaves. Unfortunately, it’s not the best way to deliver nicotine to the body, unlike the deprotonated freebase form. However, researchers have found a way to make nicotine salt to mimic the same delivery and sensation of smoking a cigarette with a secret ingredient.

Benzoic acid is added to salt nicotine to make it more palatable for vapers. It helps it to vaporise at lower temperatures while lowering its pH levels. This allows for a smoother hit and makes the nicotine content more absorbable, similar to freebase nicotine formulas. The makes nicotine salt e-liquid several times more powerful than other vape juices in giving you your cravings for nicotine content.

Comparing freebase and nicotine salt
A noticeable change is how freebase nicotine can react with liquid and make it rougher to vape. This is due to higher alkalinity that can make it bothersome to vape after prolonged periods. In contrast, salt nicotine has lower alkalinity due to its benzoic acid, giving you a smoother throat hit, even while vaping at 50 mg of nicotine content.

Besides the comfort it gives in prolonged vaping sessions, nicotine salts cross the blood-brain barrier to deliver a stronger effect similar to what people experience during smoking. However, it incorporates a more stable form, allowing it to be less volatile than freebase nicotine.

The innovation of nicotine salt is an excellent way to step up your vape juice’s kick if you’re a fan of experimenting with your vaping experience. Like any vaping product, you need to ensure that you’re purchasing nicotine salts from reliable sources. Doing so will give you the best hit by using quality products from a reliable supplier.