The United Kingdom’s vape scene is growing because of cigarettes’ exorbitant prices, making it a less viable option for people on a budget. However, people just can’t live without oral fixation or blowing smoke, which is why vape units are the next best thing. While e-liquids might not give your throat the warmth of a cigarette, it’s better to be using vapour than burning tobacco into your lungs with the risk of lung cancer. 

If you’ve familiarised yourself with the basics of vaping and have gotten your unit from an online vape shop in Greenwich, London, there are more things that you’ll have to consider to get started. A vape is not always a fire-and-forget unit that just infinitely works to blow fat clouds because there is a lot to be learned about caring for the device. One component that many forget to replace and inspect is the coil, which is an essential part of how you taste the flavours of your e-liquids. How do you get the most out of this part, and when is it time to replace it? Here’s our answer:

Step 1: Know When Replacement Is Needed
You’ll be required to replace your vape’s tank when you know your device’s coil quality. Typically, you might notice a flavour difference in your favourite e-liquid, but other signs can be present, and you’ll definitely know. On average, if the coil is well-built, frequently used, and high-quality, it should last up to a week. However, if you don’t vape every day or are unable to because of work, the coil may last up to two weeks or more. 

You’ll also burn through your coil faster if you vape at higher voltages, as these produce more electricity to the coil, heating it with more intensity. Your vape juice also plays a part in the component’s deterioration, as sweeteners can cause a corrosive effect on the metal, especially when they aren’t fully dried from the liquids. Candy flavours and sweeter ones will typically have this effect, which might cause a faster burning of your coils. 

Step 2: Know What Type of Tank You Have
If you have a rebuildable tank, you’ll need to replace the coil eventually. However, some models exist for beginner vapers like the Tesla One disposable tank that you just toss when the coil starts to give out. Rebuildable models will require knowledge of DIY skills and careful hands, which might be challenging for novice users. However, you can always take your unit to be serviced by a professional from a vape shop in Greenwich, London, for quality build assurance. 

Step 3: Have the Right Parts Ready
Now that you know your atomiser or tank is rebuildable, you’ll want to get a set of coils and cotton for replacement. You might need some small screwdrivers and even specialised tools if you vape very often. Before anything, be sure the metal is cooled down, and the unit is off. You’ll need to unscrew the coil on most models, which will release it and allow you to remove it entirely. Then, you’ll need a new one on-hand and insert it carefully using the instructions manual, if any is available. Afterwards, you’ll need to get cotton and insert it into the right areas, ensuring you follow the way the tank is designed. Typically, the cotton goes in between the coils and are wrapped around well to provide a good coat of e-liquid to burn. 

Step 4: Rebuild the Tank
Your tank should be an easy rebuild, as the simpler models entail reapplying some caps or just screwing components into place. Ensure that the tank has no leaks, as these can damage your unit and cause spills in your bag or pocket that are hard to clean. 

Vape kits are a fun way to quit smoking for good, and you’ll likely save more on vape juices compared to buying a pack of cigarettes often. You’ll want to learn how to rebuild your tank and change the coil and cotton to be able to have a cost-effective experience with vaping, so be sure you’re well-equipped to handle the swap.