Vaping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Inhalation

It’s not uncommon for amateur vapers to focus on their vape kit’s build for a more personal vaping experience. Since there are numerous parts and configurations to try, some vapers tend to focus on these parts over the other aspects of vaping. Numerous factors can affect your vaping experience beyond your vape kit’s components. For example, your inhalation method can drastically modify how your body processes an e-liquid’s hit.

Discussing the difference of Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung Hits
Mouth to Lung (MTL) is the traditional inhalation method that most ex-smokers are familiar with. As its name implies, a vaper draws in vapour through the mouth before inhaling it down to the lungs. It’s a preferred method of inhalation, especially from ex-smokers shifting to vaping because it mimics the same method of smoking a cigarette.

MTLs impact your vaping experience by adjusting the amount of flavour you taste. As vapour enters your mouth for a longer time, you also have an extended duration of experiencing your e-liquid’s taste. Slow inhalation through MTL also allows you to use fewer e-liquid per puff. However, this can lead to a much weaker hit in exchange for longer vaping sessions. This is where Direct to Lung (DTL) hits provide the opposite effect.

The DTL method requires the vaper to inhale directly through the lungs by skipping the step of going through the mouth. This modern method is increasing in popularity is it allows more significant production of vapour clouds with a better hit.

Understanding the accompaniment of vaping methods
It’s important to note that cost can determine whether you can use the MTL or DTL method simply due to your lack of proper vaping equipment. For example, you’ll need to match your vaping method with the capacity of your vaping kit. Through the MTL method, it’s best to match it with a smaller device with up to 2.0% of nicotine strength. Since you’ll be working with lesser vapour, you’ll need to temper your nicotine intake accordingly.

In contrast, utilising the DTL method will require you to purchase a sub-ohm vape device that will give you the dense vape clouds you’re after. This is because a simple vape pen isn’t enough to accommodate the volume of clouds produced to give you a potent hit.

Matching your e-liquid with your vaping technique
Besides the quality and complexity of your vaping device, you should also consider the kind of e-liquid you load on it. Using the wrong e-liquid type on an MTL or DTL method can lead to a bland taste at best or a sudden burst of nicotine at worst. Although this doesn’t lead to major side effects, it can waste a perfectly good batch of e-liquid and potentially damage your vape device.

Generally, it’s best to use a high-quality PG-rich e-liquid if you want to savour the flavour of your e0juice through the MTL method. Otherwise, a VG-rich e-liquid will be more suitable for a DTL vaping method.

The world of vaping has so much to offer beyond the many ways of customising your vape kit. Although numerous variables affect your vaping experience, it’s still vital to highlight the value of purchasing quality vape mods. Without the right products on-hand, you won’t get to maximise and experiment the different techniques and methods of enjoying vaping. For this reason, it’s necessary to be picky about where you buy your vaping supplies from.