Vaping 101: Does Your Atomiser Need a New Mouthpiece?

Every part of your vape kit requires proper maintenance if you want it to last for a long time. Some parts are more durable than the rest of your vape atomiser’s components. Others are more fragile and prone to damages requiring repairs and replacements. Nevertheless, how you care for your kit will dictate how well they’ll stay in top condition.

Besides your vape batteries, coils and cartridges, one part that you’ll learn to replace regularly is the mouthpiece. Since it experiences more wear and tear than most components, you’ll need to know when it’s time to order an upgrade.

What are atomiser mouthpieces?
The drip tip, or mouthpiece, is the component that attaches to your tank or atomiser, which allows you to inhale the vapour. It funnels the vapour into an even stream that makes it easy for you to inhale. 

Mouthpieces will come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your vape kit. It mainly comes in two types: 810 and 510 mouthpieces. 810 models are short and wide mouthpieces, fit for cloud-chasers. In contrast, 510 mouthpieces are tall and slim, creating a better concentration for e-liquid flavour.

Some vapers will need to replace their mouthpiece sooner than others, depending on its condition. This is why you need to understand when it’s time to replace your drip tip when it has already run its course.

In this article, we’ll share three signs that your drip tip is due for a replacement.

1. It remains dirty even after cleaning
Cleaning your mouthpiece regularly is a natural part of maintaining your vape kit’s lifespan. However, it’s unavoidable for juice gunk to build up inside the mouthpiece. With the combination of heat and material interactions, it can cause the gunk to stick to your drip tip no matter how well you scrub it off. This naturally happens to all mouthpieces, which is why it’s necessary to replace them when this occurs.

2. It has an odd smell
Getting used to handling a vape atomiser can be a different yet familiar experience for people, even for those who used to smoke cigars or cigarettes. The sensation and smells may feel odd at first, but your body will soon get the hang of it over time. However, if your mouthpiece develops an unappealing smell even after cleaning, there’s a chance that it contains harmful bacteria. If a deep clean doesn’t do the trick, your drip tip’s material could no longer be responding properly with your vape juice. For this scenario, it’s necessary to replace it for sanitary reasons.

3. You experience hits that aren’t as strong
If you’re using the same concentration of vape juice but experience a low hit, you may have a complication with your vape battery or your mouthpiece. If your battery is delivering the necessary amp, then you may have an issue with your mouthpiece. Over time, it can develop cracks or clogs due to the nature of dealing with heat and chemicals. It’s best to replace your mouthpiece once it already has signs of damage to avoid putting your vape juice’s flavour to waste.

Making the most out of your vape kit starts by being familiar with its different components. The more capable you are in understanding how to care for them, the less likely you’ll have a bad experience with vaping. When it’s time to upgrade or replace its parts, remember to order only from reliable suppliers. Doing so ensures that you’re getting quality products to maintain the intended performance of your build.