Vape Hardware Review: The Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit

Looking for a pen style vape kit? The Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit offers a nice bang for your buck, plus hits up to 100W. It’s compact, very easy to use, and uses Innokin acclaimed Plex3D Coil system, like you may have seen with the Innokin iSub-B Sub-Ohm Tank.

Although not every vaper wants a pen style device, this is a good kit to start vaping with or a nice on-the-go option if you don’t want to carry your heavier gear with you.

The Design
This is a typical pen style vape design. Nothing too innovative or different here, I’m afraid. But Innokin did this well, at least. Even though this device is capable of hitting up to 100W, the device itself doesn’t feel cumbersome. It’s a bit clunkier than smaller, less powerful pen style kits, but still is easy to tote around.

There is a single fire button on the mod with a red “I” inside of it. Surrounding the button is an LED battery life indicator. The Plexar logo is engraved into the device down the middle, and actually looks quite nice and blends in with the rest of the textured detailing on the battery.

The Build of the Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit
This device is a light copper alloy and doesn’t feel too heavy in the hand. The top of the mod/battery has a gold-plated 510 connection for the Plex Tank. The battery door is located on the bottom of the mod. To insert your battery, unscrew the cap, place it inside, and screw the cap back on.

The compatible batteries are 20700 and 18650 if you use the included 18650 battery adapter.

The Plexus Sub-Ohm Tank
The Plexus Tank is crafted out of stainless steel and Pyrex glass for the tubes. This tank has a push-to-open top filling system and once open, there is a large fill port that can accommodate most types of bottles. There is a dual adjustable bottom airflow that is fully closable. At the top there is a 810 wide bore resin drip tip that matches the tank nicely depending on which color kit you choose.

The Plex 3D Coils for the Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit
As of right now, I’m pretty sure that the only compatible coils with this kit are the included Scion Plex 3D Mesh Coils. These have kanthal mesh heating material and a mixture of wood pulp and cotton wicking. The Scion Plex 3D Mesh coil rates at 0.14-ohms and works for 60-100W of power.

Vaping with the Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit
This device is a three clicks on and three clicks off device, so not that standard five clicks. However, that’s about all you need to know about operating. There are no vaping modes. This is a bypass mode device, which means that your power output will depend on your device’s charge and the resistance of the coil.

I vaped this with The Hype Blue Slushee by Propaganda E-Liquid. The flavor from the coils was very good. While I am a fan of the Plex 3D coils, I don’t think that they beat every other mesh coil out there. But, they certainly can stand their ground in the competition. I did feel as though this kit hit close to the 100W mark—although there is no way of being certain since your wattage is not displayed.

Is This Pen Style Kit Worth Your Time?
While I don’t always use pen style kits, once and a while there is one that really surprises me. The Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit is one of those.

The airflow is smooth and works like a charm. Wide open, you can get some fairly large clouds out of it. The LED light indicator lets you know where the battery life is at by display a green, blue, or red light, so once you see the red, you’ll know it’s about time to charge the battery. I appreciate that this uses an external battery instead of an internal one. External batteries are always better than internal ones as far as safety and longevity. The charge lasts about three to four hours with moderate to heavy usage.

The only bummer is that once the power begins to wane, the performance of this device drops noticeably. Not saying it’s bad, but you’ll definitely notice the diminishing power and wattage. And there is, unfortunately, some battery rattle.

Other than that, the Innokin Plexar 100W Starter Kit is a stand-up pen style vape kit that—though less than perfect—is probably one of the best ones of its kind you’ll come across.