Following These 3 Tips Will Make Your Coils Last Longer

Looking to extend the life of your prebuilt coils? Tired of dealing with that weird ‘burnt’ Pop-Tart flavor? Following these simple tips and tricks will make your coils last longer — potentially doubling their lifespan.

Clean Regularly
Giving your prebuilt and handmade coils a warm water bath on a regular basis is a great habit to get into. This will help accomplish a few things:

·Remove unwanted build-up
·Restore flavor
·Ensure coils glow from the inside out
·Clean your deck and deck posts — removing old juice

Re-wick Often

Get into the habit of re-wicking your builds multiple times a week (personally, I re-wick ever other day), regardless of the cotton brand you’ve purchased. Native Wicks Platinum Blend makes a wonderful organic wicking material, that will work in any scenario. Cotton Bacon V2 is another great product I highly recommend!

By limiting the amount of time between changes, you decrease the chance for cotton dis-coloration and remove any unwanted flavors associated with old cotton! No more weird burnt taste or odd flavors.

Limit Sugary Liquids
Coming from a vaper who loves his dessert flavors, making the effort to find sweet liquids without an exorbitant amount of sugar is essential. It’s easy to tell if the juice you’re vaping has a high sugar content if you:

·Notice cotton discoloration within the first few hours of vaping
·Taste the excess sugar on you palate
·Are left with a film on your tongue after vaping, one only cleared with a beverage
·Are dripping a bottle of hype-juice.

If one of your All Day Vapes happens to have a really high sugar level, my advice would be to find another similar flavor without the sugar. If you can’t (or don’t feel like it. Trust me, I understand…), re-wick you toppers before/after each session.