Top Vaping Ohm Meter For Your Coil-Building Needs

Building your own vape seems to be a hobby that's rising in popularity. Nowadays, you never know who has built their own vape.

If you'd like to join the trend, an ohm meter can help.

By reading the resistance level of a circuit, determining the right voltage is simple.

What Is a Vaping Ohm Meter
These devices measure something called electrical resistance. Electrical resistance can be thought of as a dam, blocking the flow of water. The stronger the dam, the more difficult it will be for water to flow. Similarly, the higher your circuit's resistance, the more difficult it will be for electrons to flow.

These Tell You What the Resistance Level of Your Vaporizer's Circuit Is:
An ohm reader simply measures how much resistance is in a circuit. Depending on how much there is, you'll have to use an appropriate amount of volts.

Depending on the Resistance Level, Different Wattage Levels Should Be Used:
Wattage and volts are intimately related, changing one of them changes the other.

Our Top Vaporizers With Built-in Ohm Meters
Let's say you'd like to start toying around with your vaporizer's resistance. In that case, we'd suggest picking up one of these. These vaporizers all come with built-in ohm readers, so you don't have to guess.

Geek Vape Aegis Mini 80W Kit
Geek Vape has been a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge vapes. Their Aegis Mini produces up to 80W, and that's more than enough for most vapers. Besides, with such a large battery, traveling won't be as much of a burden.

Product Specifications

- Water, Shock and Dust Protection:
Nothing seems to slow this vape down. Thanks to its durable design, you'd be crazy to worry about dropping it.

- 2200mAh built-in-battery:
Anyone who works throughout the day knows how important the size of a vape's battery is. In this case, this vape ought to supply more than enough power for your shift.

- Temperature Control:
Wherever you go, you'll be in complete control. Set exactly how hot you'd like your next hits to be with this feature.

- Ohms Meter:
You can see how much resistance is in the circuit on the vape's built-in screen. It's accurate to the first decimal.

Osub One 50W Starter Kit - Smok
Smok has been making vaporizers for much longer than some of the competition. In that time, they've forged an iron-clad reputation, built on over-delivering. Their Osub One is no different.

Product Specifications

- 2ml Tank Capacity:
2ml may not be the largest tank on the market, but it ought to do the trick.

- OLED Screen:
Reading resistance levels hasn't been any easier.

- Ohms Reader:
You can see how much resistance there is before ever taking a puff.

Eleaf Istick Pico Baby 25W Kit - Eleaf
Eleaf sounds like a company that values its environmental impact. Their proprietary battery design indicates that's a safe assumption.

Product Specifications

- GS Baby Atomizer:
This atomizer vaporizes juice like it's as simple as doing basic math.

Honeycomb-screen wedged inside, the atomizer disperses vapor evenly, delivering tasteful hits each time.

- Magnetic Connector:
A magnetic connector stabilizes your tank's bond to the box, ensuring it remains in place. Magnetism isn't an uncommon phenomenon, but it's still cool to see it in action.

- 0.4Ω-3.0Ω:
They've made a vape with one of the widest ranges of resistance we've ever seen. Such a wide range of resistance levels gives users an unprecedented level of control over their experience. Tasting each drop, you'll love how it feels to have so much creative license.

- 1050mAh Battery:
Although larger batteries exist, this one ought to last for long enough. 1050mAh should supply enough power for about 12 hours of continuous use. After that, the vape's high amperage charger ought to juice it back up rather quickly. Then, you can continue about your day.