Top Facts About Vaping That You Must Know

Vaping is an activity that is more popular now than ever. Vaping is essentially the act of using an electronic cigarette. Vaping was introduced as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Though people still smoke traditional cigarettes, many of them now vape instead of smoke.

Despite the increasing use of vape pens and other vaping accessories, few people know enough about vaping. Anyone who is vaping or thinking about starting vaping should at least know some facts about the activity.

The following are some facts about vaping that everyone must know:

Safer than Smoking
Smoking cigarettes is now known to be harmful to human health universally. However, some still want their nicotine, and vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking.

A lot of research has proven that the negative effects of vaping are less than those of smoking. The burning of tobacco and other cigarette constituents is extremely harmful to the body.

On the other hand, there is no combustion when vaping hence it is safer since you are not burning anything. Vaping not only produces less harmful chemicals but also has cooler vapor that is gentle on the lungs.

Flavor Variety
Some cigarettes have flavors but it is usually very difficult to imbue a cigarette with flavor hence the lack of variety. On the other hand, you will easily find a variety of flavors available for vaping.

There are over 7,000 different flavors for vaping. The vape juices are what produce the flavors when vaping and the best vaporizers offer the best vaping experience for the flavors.

Despite the wide array of flavors, they are generally classified into several groups such as fruity, menthol, or dessert among others. What is certain is that you will find a vaping flavor for your taste buds.

Saves Money
Another fact about vaping is that it will save you money when contrasted to smoking traditional cigarettes. You will rarely have to worry if you have enough money for vaping.

There is a wide variety of vaping products that are available across a wide range of devices. Different stores will have different coupons and promotions hence you might want to keep your eye on one company or several.

Buying a quality vape might be a significant investment initially but it could last for a long time. Moreover, they rarely require any maintenance and are quite convenient to carry.

No Smell
Many people hate the smell of burning cigarettes. A fact about vaping is that there is smoke generated because there is no combustion happening when you smoke.

Vaping devices work by heating the flavored vape liquid until it produces an odorless vapor. Hence, there is no smoke nor odor which makes for a more pleasant experience than smoking.

Moreover, there is instant gratification when you vape. Smoking usually takes some time before you can feel the effect of the cigarette.

Vaping Culture
Just as with smoking, there is a culture that is synonymous with vaping. There is a vibrant vaping culture that has emerged all over the world.

You will find both local and national vaping clubs in countries around the world with some holding regular conventions. They will then exchange vaping techniques, devices, flavors, and ideas.

There are many elements of the vaping culture with some elevating vaping to an art. The ‘cloud chasing’ movement is the most popular subculture of vaping culture. It involves competing among vapers for who can produce the largest amount of vape clouds.

Vaping is Addictive

Some quit smoking cigarettes and move to vape because they think the latter is not addictive. They could not be more wrong. The fact is that vaping is just as addictive as smoking cigarettes.

Both electronic and regular cigarettes include nicotine which is a highly addictive substance regardless of the method of ingestion. Moreover, many vapers are consuming more tobacco because they erroneously think that they will not be addicted.

There are extra-strength nicotine cartridges that have a higher nicotine concentration than regular cigarettes. You can also increase the voltage and get a stronger nicotine hit which further increases the risk of addiction.

Electronic cigarettes are hence not the cessation tool that many people perceive them to be. There are many facts about vaping and they will increase with more research into the field. The above facts should give you a cursory understanding of vaping. However, feel free to find more facts especially if you want to take up or continue vaping.