Don’t be tripped up by these common rookie vaping mistakes

Even the most dedicated smokers who seemed destined never to give up the habit have been known to make the transition to vaping. And the stats don’t lie – unlike other methods people might use in an effort to kick the habit, most vapers never look back and very few backslide with a return to smoking. 

We’ve all seen the compelling reasons to try vaping instead of smoking. It’s less harmful to both your health and your wallet, and you won’t walk around smelling like you’ve spent too long standing next to a bonfire. But there are also potential stumbling blocks for those who are new to vaping. Here we run through some common rookie mistakes and how to avoid making them. 

Vaping is not like smoking
Saying that vaping is different from smoking might sound obvious, but those who have made the switch initially tend to puff on their vape like a cigarette. Avoid taking short, sharp puffs, as they will not deliver the full benefit with a vape. It is better to take a longer but gentler inhale. You’ll find more satisfaction, and it will also help you create those huge vapor clouds that you see from vapers who are more experienced. Until you learn to vape properly, you will never be able to properly compare the experience with smoking. 

Look after your vape
A cigarette is the ultimate example of our single-use throwaway society. Your vape, on the other hand, can last for years – but only if you take proper care of it. There are different ways to clean vaporizers depending on the exact type that you have, but make sure you spend a little time understanding how to go about it. The most common reason for vapers to give up on vaping and return to smoking is an unsatisfactory experienced caused by them not maintaining the device properly.

Don’t compromise on quality
Vaporizers come in a huge range of different types and with various price tags. Sure, you won’t necessarily want to spend a three-figure sum on a vaporizer, at least not until you are sure that vaping is for you. But buying a cheap, poor quality e-cigarette is the most common mistake. The sad truth is that the popularity of vaping has made the market attractive to manufacturers of products that are frankly cheap and nasty. They will give an inferior experience, they will break easily and they can even be dangerous. You can get a good quality conduction vape that will still not cost a fortune.  

Invest in a spare battery
Any smoker knows how annoying it can be when your lighter suddenly decides to die and you don’t have a spare. Having a vaporizer run out of charge gives you a very similar sensation – but is not so easily resolved if you are out without your charger. If you’ve always got a spare fully charged battery on you, then you’re guaranteed not to be caught out.