Narrowing down which pod mod to choose can be an overwhelming experience. With so many popular brands, who do you stay loyal to? This is due to the miraculous ability of leading vape manufactures to combine portability and convenience with exceptional performance. One such company that has jumped ahead of the pack as a pod vape trailblazer is VooPoo. We’ve delved extensively into their awesome product range to bring you the top five VooPoo pod mods to help you make up your mind. Let’s dive right into it…

5. VooPoo Argus Air 24W Vape Pod Starter Kit
For those looking for a pod mod that is ultra compact, convenient, and portable, the Argus Air 24W is the ticket! This pint-sized powerhouse can fit into any pocket, glove compartment, purse, or backpack. Its sleek and discreet appearance also makes it ideal for stealth vaping. However, this device also offers the premium features VooPoo is known for, just in a scaled-down form factor. A crystal clear 0.54” OLED display screen shows you exactly where your session is at. Select between 3 different modes of operation and adjust your wattage with ease. A 3.8mL pod offers generous e-liquid capacity, keeping your sessions going and going. Try the Argus Air today! 

4.  VooPoo Vinci 2 Starter Kit
The VooPoo Vinci is a prime example of VooPoo’s smart design prowess and tech savvy. This pod mod weighs in at just 115 grams (a little more than 4 ounces), and has a super-streamlined design. However, it packs a punch, offering up to 50 watts of power and an ultra fast firing speed made possible by the GENE.AI 20 chipset. It also packs in a truly epic e-liquid capacity, featuring a 6.5mL pod. Magnetic pod connection makes swapping and refilling tanks a breeze. A premium vaper needs a premium rig, upgrade to the Vinci 2 now!

3. VooPoo SEAL Pod Starter Kit
The VooPoo Seal pod mod features a unique design intended to withstand whatever life throws your way. A durable zinc-alloy chassis with IP66 protection ensures this compact mod is durable and resilient. A silicone cover offers additional protection from the elements and prevents leakages and spills. A powerful 1200mAH rechargeable battery drives up to 40 watts of output power. Select between auto and manual mode to optimize your experience. 

2. VooPoo Argus X 80W Pod Mod Starter Kit
Now we’re stepping up into beastly territory. The Argus X offers 80 watts of premium pod mod power. The brain of the device is the hyper-intelligent GENE.TT chip which allows for a ridiculous firing speed of only 0.001 seconds! Select between Score Ranking, Smart, and RBA modes to tailor your session to perfection. The metal and leather craft design is both tough, classy, and feels great in the hand. Bottom press-fit coil installation, bottom refilling, and magnetic pod connection make maintenance a piece of cake. Try out the Argus X and experience the legend for yourself! 

1. VooPoo Drag S Pro Starter Kit
So here we are, number 1…The VooPoo Drag series has been their flagship line for a while now and for great reason! These pod mods deliver top-tier performance. The Drag S Pro is the latest and greatest model in this impressive lineage. A truly epic built in 3000mAH battery drives up to 80 watts of pod mod power. Select between VW, TC, RBA, and smart modes to customize your session. Load up the formidable 5.5mL capacity tank and enjoy. This device is built for peak vaping experiences but is also incredibly well designed aesthetically. Select between a variety of beautiful colorways from Classic Black, to Mystic Red, to eye-popping California Orange and more. What are you waiting for? — the VooPoo Drag S awaits!