How To Choose The Best E-Juice For Your Smoking Cessation Plan

If you want to use e-cigs as part of a successful, smoking cessation plan, you have to search for an e-juice that’s perfectly in line with your current smoking habits and preferences. You also have to have the right attitude about e-cigs. While e-cigs can be a very effective and potentially far more healthful alternative to traditional cigarettes, they aren’t overnight wonders. As such, you’ll have to take your time in stepping down your nicotine intake while making sure that your e-juice produces the right effects for keeping you satisfied and anxiety-free.

Determining The Right Level Of Nicotine
E-juice for e-cigs comes in many different nicotine strengths. Some people use e-cigs purely for the enjoyment that these provide, rather than as a tobacco replacement. These are people who have either already successfully weaned themselves off of nicotine or have never had a nicotine dependency at all. These individuals can choose from a vast range of e-juice flavors that have 0 mg or nicotine. People who are still smoking tobacco cigarettes or have recently quit, however, will need to choose a nicotine strength that effectively replaces the amount of nicotine they are already consuming. Stepping down nicotine doses too quickly often results in both frustration and failure. As such, it is generally best to focus on transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaping devices first, before making any significant differences in the amount of nicotine you’re getting.

If you currently smoke a pack of cigarettes each day, don’t drop immediately down to an e-juice with just 3 mg of nicotine. Not only will this fail to satisfy your cravings, but it will also make you far more reliant upon e-cigs than you were on cigarettes themselves. At 3 mg of nicotine, you may find yourself vaping all day long, while still craving the flavor of an actual cigarette. For pack-a-day smokers, e-juice with 12 to 15 mg of nicotine is generally best. Those who smoke a half pack each day should try e-juice with 6 to 9 mg of nicotine. Once you’ve found a comfortable nicotine strength, continue using this for at least one full month before attempting to step your dose down. While you might be eager to experience the health benefits of being smoke-free, you should note that using e-cigs solely often results in easier breathing, better smelling skin, hair and clothing, and an increased ability to taste your food.

Finding The Right E-Juice Flavors

A lot of e-juice flavors have a decidedly sweet taste. In fact, most are manufactured to taste just like delicious desserts. For instance, you can find banana cream pie, caramel vanilla, black cherry, mango, grape juice, and more. Depending upon your smoking preferences, however, you may want an e-juice that is far more similar to the taste of a tobacco cigarette. If this is the case, consider full-flavor tobacco options, light tobacco, or menthol. Certain flavor blends tend to provide a smoother and more appealing finish, such as vanilla tobacco, coffee tobacco, or vanilla caramel tobacco.

Be mindful of the fact that e-juice flavors and qualities can vary quite a bit from brand to brand. You should also note that certain e-juice brands will only work with certain vaping mods. The best way to experiment with different e-juice types is by purchasing comprehensive start-up kits as these will contain a variety of options that are actually compatible with your device. This can also be one of the most cost-effective ways to sample several different choices while still defining your preferences for these products.

Vegetable Glycerin
Certain additions to e-juice can actually increase the amount of plume that your mod produces. If you like blowing out big clouds with e-cigs, then you want to look for e-juice that has a much higher vegetable glycerin content. When you do, however, be mindful of the fact that your chosen e-juice will still need to be compatible with the mod that you’re using.

Apart from testing out the different sample options that are available in an e-cig starter kit, sampling e-juice can actually be quite costly. As such, you should also spend some time searching the web for promo codes, coupons and other offers that will help offset these costs. Choosing a few reputable suppliers and signing up for their mailing lists is another great way to have discount offers sent directly to you.