The Vaping Variable Battle: Voltage vs. Wattage

When vaping, most normal units are going to run on either voltage or wattage. Which one they use will depend on not only the type of unit it is, but also how much power that unit needs. Different units need different amounts of power so not all of them are going to use the same power type. This article is going to talk about the differences between the two, as well as which types of units need which type of power. We will also discuss how each is calculated since there are specific formulas that need to be followed in order to get the correct number. Not having the correct number can quickly burn out your device or even prevent it from working altogether. 

Before talking about which type of power is best for the different devices, we're going to discuss the differences between voltage and wattage when it relates to vaping. With variable voltage, you have to set the volts to get to the temperature you need. This means you have to actually do the math and make sure you are getting the correct number. On the other hand, with variable wattage, you don't need to do any math because once you set the watts you want to vape at, the unit will read the ohms of your attachments and adjust it automatically. The way you calculate the variable voltage is by using Ohm's Law. You can either do the math by hand or use an online calculator. The formula is as follows. V(volts)=I(amps)*R(Resistance or Ω). All you do is plug your numbers in and it will let you know where you need to have it at. One thing you can do to make sure your calculations are correct is to do it by hand then plug the numbers into an online calculator and make sure.

The next thing to talk about is which kind of power is best for different kinds of devices. Keep in mind that different devices are going to use different power so not all of them will be the same. The first device to talk about is the e-cigarette. Since you don't need a very high amount of power to run one of these, you can use wattage. This is because an e-cigarette is more like an actual cigarette than the other devices. This means that you probably aren't worrying about having big clouds or all kinds of flavor. You more than likely are just wanting to have the smoking experience without having to smoke a cigarette. Because of this, you don't have to run the device at high temperatures. The next one to talk about is portable vaporizers. These are usually used to smoke plant material. Since the flavors don't change much and the clouds aren't a huge thing with these types of devices. This means that you can use wattage as the power type. This will help get it hot enough to burn without having to deal with the math and stuff.

Finally, the last device is a MOD. With these devices, there are many things that can be customized from the coils to the type of wick. Because of this, the best power type is voltage. Since every MOD is different, a variable voltage let you change the numbers in the formula based on the customizations you made. Using this power source will also help you get it hot enough to really enhance the flavor and produce big clouds. Another reason why having variable voltage is the best for MODs is because you need to be able to change the numbers depending on what you do. For example, one type of coil may have different numbers than another type. You want to make sure you can do the math correctly so you can ensure that all the numbers are correct. Using a variable wattage might make your device think it's the same coil and it might not take into account the customizations you made.

There are definite differences between variable voltage and wattage, and some devices use one and not the other. While there are some devices that can use both, they can't be used at the same time. The best thing to do is do research and read up on which power type is best for the device you have. You can also take it into a store that specializes in vaping products and ask them any questions you may have. You could also call the manufacturer of your device and ask them any questions you may have.