Is Squonking For Me?

Squonking has a growing fanbase in the vaping community, and this vaping trend is showing no signs of disappearing any time soon. It’s widely considered to be one of the best ways to get optimum flavour out of your e-liquid and takes an innovative approach to producing big, flavourful clouds.

How Does It Work?
A squonk mod offers a similar experience to an RDA, minus the mess. While RDAs drip your e-liquid onto the atomiser, squonk mods feed e-liquid into the atomiser from the bottom of your device. Squonk mods also store the e-liquid, so you only have to carry your device around and there is far less chance of spillage.

Why Squonk?
Squonk mods were fairly niche when they first emerged back in 2009, but have been steadily growing in popularity ever since. Nowadays squonk mods are more readily available in-store and online for vapers who want to find out if squonking is right for them.
Squonking certainly isn’t for everyone, and whether it’s right for you really depends on what you’re looking for from your vaping experience. Here are some things to consider:
·Are you interested in experimenting with different setups? With more and more squonk devices coming onto the market, there are numerous options available to the adventurous vaper. Choose from mechanical squonks, variable squonks, high wattage variable squonk mods, and single or dual coil squonk atomisers.
·Are you already an RDA fan? If dripping is your thing, squonking could be the way forward for you.
·Do you enjoy big clouds? One of the big appeals of squonk mods are the size of clouds they produce - making those large plumes of vapour even more impressive.
·Is flavour important to you? In addition to huge clouds, squonk mods deliver intense flavour. If maximum flavour impact is what you’re looking for, squonking could be a good option for you.
·Are you happy to carry around a fairly big device? For many, one of the drawbacks of a squonk mod is the size. A typical squonk mod is around the same size as a dual-battery box mod. However, this minor issue doesn’t outweigh the benefits of squonking for its many fans.

If you’d like to try squonking, don't be reluctant to try it out. You won’t know, until you give it a go!