The Benefits Of Using Refillable Pods When Vaping

Pod vapes are an incredibly popular option for new vapers and experienced users alike, as they are much easier to use and far more approachable than a traditional vape mod device. There are two main kinds of pod vapes - refillable and pre-filled. They both have their advantages, but in this post we’re going to focus on refillable pods when vaping!

Are Vape Pods Refillable?
The answer to this question is both yes and no! Vape pods come in both disposable (also known as pre-filled or closed system pods) and refillable (also known as open system pods) varieties.

Disposable or closed-system pods use pre-filled cartridges which come in a wide range of strengths and flavours . A pre-filled pod system means that you don't have to deal with any of the mess or fuss involved with a box mod or open system pod, since you never need to refill it. Most ranges will have lots of different flavours to suit most tastes, and since a closed system is designed to fit perfectly with its device, there is also little to no chance of leakage of the e-liquid, which can be an issue with larger, refillable box mods. Pre-filled vape pod systems also mean you don't have to worry about changing the parts of your vape on a regular basis - just throw them away once you're finished with each pod! One drawback to this kind of vape is that the use of closed pod systems rather than open pods is generally a bit more expensive, as you’re buying the pod technology and design as well as just your e-liquid. However, any form of vaping, with closed system
vapes, open system vapes, box mods or vape pens is still significantly cheaper than smoking in the long term. The most significant disadvantage of pre-filled pods is that you can generally only use one brand of e-liquid, as they are the ones who make the compatible cartridges.

An open-system or refillable pod, on the other hand, can also be simply clicked in and out, but it is not disposable! After your pod is empty, you refill it like you would with a mod vape. Your open pod system usually won’t arrive with a prefilled pod - you’ll have to buy and fill the pod with e-liquid yourself, usually through a small opening in the pod segment. This means a little more effort from you, but also allows you to use whichever e-liquid you choose, without being restricted to one brand or range ! This allows pod vapers to try vaping with nicotine salt e-liquids, or to give sub-ohm vaping a try if they choose, giving you more variety from your vape experience. Open-system vapes are also usually cheaper, per ml, than pre-filled pods as well, as you are only buying the e-liquid each time. You also don’t need to replace the pod each time you refill, which reduces ongoing costs too.
It might sound like there’s not much difference between vape mods and refillable pod kits, particularly more advanced pods which have sub-ohm capability, adjustable temperature and wattage modes and other more complex features . However, while the style of vaping may be similar, there is a significant difference between vape pod systems and vape mods. The key difference between the two is that vape pods contain the vape coils, as well as just your e-liquid tank. Your e-liquid tank is where the e-liquid goes, while the coil is that part of your vape that converts the energy from your battery into heat, and then actually vaporises the e-liquid in the tank. With a refillable pod system, when you purchase a new pod, you’re also actually purchasing a new coil at the same time. In vape mods, however, these two parts of the device are completely separate from one another and can be switched out as and when you need to.

How do Refillable Pods Work, and How Long Will They Last?

At their core, all vapes work the same way, using heat to create vapour from the e-liquid, which is then inhaled. Of course, different types of vapes will achieve this in slightly different ways, but the basic principle is always the same. In a refillable vape pod, there are usually three key parts - the casing, the tank and the vape coil. The casing is the part that holds the tank and coil, and is the piece that connects your pod to your vape device (the bigger bit that contains the battery , any screens and controls and the firing mechanism). Your casing will also have a small opening or mechanism that allows you to access the vape tank. The tank is where your e-liquid actually sits when you’re not using your vape, and is the part of the pod that you’ll actually refill. Like all vapes, the liquid in the tank is then heated by the coil, which also comes in your open-system cartridge. The coil is the part of your vape that controls how hot your e-liquid gets and the resistance of your vape (whether you are vaping normally or are sub-ohm vaping) .

When you use vape mods and box mods, you need to replace and maintain your coils on a regular basis. You’ll need to clean your tank every month or so and replace it every year or so, and depending on how much you vape , plus you may need to replace your coil every few weeks, or even every few days. When you use vape pods, on the other hand, you don’t need to worry about cleaning or maintaining your parts, you simply refill again and again, before throwing out the whole pod and starting again. Depending on the type of refillable pod you choose and how often you vape, they can last anywhere from five to fifty refills!

This means that, particularly when compared to pre-filled pods, refillable pod kits are much more eco friendly , as they create considerably less plastic waste than pre-filled pods. Not only do they need to be replaced and thrown away as often, they also don’t require as much actual plastic use, as you can buy up to 10ml bottles of e-liquid, compared to only 2ml e-liquid pods. You also use less packaging when it comes to replacing your coils and tanks as it’s all in one simple cartridge! Great news for the environment, great news for your wallet and great news for your vape experience!

The Advantages of Refillable Pod Kits
Pod kits, and refillable pod kits in particular, are very popular for beginner and more advanced vapers for a variety of reasons:

·Pod kits are so easy to use! They don’t need you to buy multiple products or parts that might or might not be compatible with each other, they tend to have pretty simple presets, or only a few settings at all in more affordable devices, and you don’t need to try and fit anything together before you use your vape . Simply fill up for the first time (this can take a bit of getting used to, but most people pick it up very quickly and once you’ve learned it, it’s like riding a bike!) and vape away! Most pod kits use a button or draw-activated pod system, so you don’t need to worry about any complex controls either. Refilling is super easy too! The process itself is slightly different for every product, but most only require opening up the cartridge and dripping in your e-liquid.
·Refillable pods or open system pod vapes give you all the convenience of a pre-filled pod kit, without any of the restrictions. With refillable pods, you can pick from literally any e-liquid on the market, and you aren’t tied to just one brand. From authentic tobacco to fresh fruity flavours or the distinctive dessert flavours we all recognise, the choice is yours! You can also pick the strength that's right for you, and choose between nicotine salt and freebase nicotine e-liquid, depending on the type of vape device you use and your own personal preference ! Stronger e-liquids and nic salts are popular among pod vape users as they are perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping.
·Pod kits tend to be on the smaller side, making them ideal for carrying around on the go! Now, this isn’t the case for every pod device, as there are some with more bulky, mod-like designs, but in general, pod devices can easily fit into a purse, bag, pocket, glove compartment or office drawer! Many pod kits are also highly ergonomically designed, to help make vaping as comfortable as possible for you. They’re also less likely to be used for creating massive vapour clouds (though you can still get sub-ohm refillable pod systems), which makes them good for stealth vaping.
·There is much less maintenance involved in vaping with a pod kit, when compared to a vape mod, since when you replace the pod, you’re also replacing the coil. This means you don't have to worry about independently replacing your vape tanks and coils, or worry about cleaning and maintaining them either!
·Pod systems also reduce the chance of any leaking e-liquid! Some vapers with box mods, custom builds, rebuildables and other advanced gear report their devices leaking e-liquid while kept in a pocket or bag. While it isn’t too dangerous to touch e-liquid, it can be pretty uncomfortable and sticky, not to mention a waste of money! As pod systems have been designed to fit perfectly with their devices, they are much less likely to leak than vapes using parts from multiple brands.
·Pod kits, on the whole, are also more affordable than advanced vape mods. You can get great-quality, high-powered pod kits that are very affordable - for example, the SMOK Nord and iQ ONE Kits are both under £30. Compared to some vape mods, this is a very affordable option. Smaller and more basic pod kits are even more affordable, with some kits coming in at around £15 or less!

The Best Refillable Pod Vape and Refillable Pods Similar To Juul Pods

There are lots of different pod devices on the market, with some of the most well known being Juul pods. Juul has become incredibly popular in the US in recent years, particularly among young people, a fact that has landed them in hot water with health bodies and advertising authorities more than once ! However, they remain one of the best-known vaping brands across the pond, and are popular in the UK too. Juul Pods are primarily closed-system (non-refillable) and contain nicotine salt e-liquid, which gives you a stronger, more intense nicotine hit than standard e-liquids (also known as freebase nicotine e-liquids). Today, you can get non-branded refillable pods for Juul devices, but we never recommend buying off-brand, or from a brand that you aren’t 100% sure of their quality standards and reputation. If you’re looking for a Juul-style vaping experience, but prefer a refillable pod system, there are a few options that might serve you better!

V2 VSAVI Classic Blank Cartridges - Perfect for Beginners

The VSAVI Classic Blank Cartridges have been designed to be perfectly compatible with our range of V2 batteries, including our starter kits, as well as the V2 classic, classic long and EX Series batteries. These are an excellent choice for new users of refillable pods, or those who aren’t quite sure if a refillable pod is right for them just yet . They’re super simple to use and very affordable, without any of the bells and whistles you might find on more pricey pods. They are what’s known as a low resistance cartomizer, meaning they’re perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping, which is the style most beginner vapers prefer . Using a refillable pod like the V2 Classic Blanks gives you all the ease of a pre-filled pod, but also offers the freedom to experiment with different e-liquids and to help you find the best possible vape experience for you!

Innokin DV Replacement Pod - Best for Sub-Ohm Vapers

Designed for use with the Innokin DV Pod kit, this refillable pod makes light work of powering your sub-ohm vape, providing you with great vapour production and fluffy clouds in a small, sleek, ergonomic device. This cartridge contains a 0.5ohm Plex3D coil and 2ml e-liquid capacity , making it fantastic for sub-ohm vapers looking for an ultra-light, compact refillable vape. With an automatic draw-activated mechanism and 500mAh battery, this device is perfect for beginner and experienced sub-ohm vapers alike! The trendy pod from Innokin has another dimension at the bottom of the device, standing out by creating a cool LED effect, lighting up with each puff, whether automatically or manually. With a simple 4 level wattage system and suitable for use with nic salts and freebase nicotine this device is perfect for beginners and experienced sub-ohm vapers alike.

Hangsen iQ Touch Pods - Most Similar to Juul

The small, flat appearance of the Hangsen iQ Touch Kit will be very familiar to anyone who has used Juul or similar devices before . The rounded edges of the iQ Touch are a little more ergonomic and stylish though, and the device itself is available in four brilliant colours. The replaceable pods are easy to fill - simply remove the top cover, fill up, clip it back on and you’re ready to go! The iQ Touch pods have a 2ml capacity and come with a 1.2ohm organic coil. These pods are also biodegradable , making them a fantastic choice for environmentally conscious vapers!